Whatever name he is known by D. Angel, Johnny Deayne or just as his latest hit implies The Rude Boy, Clinton Brennen is sure to to have left an indelible mark on persons that come into contact with him.His hot songs with catchy hooks makes him one of Nassau's fastest rising stars (Island Steppa, Beautiful Bahamaland)
One may have never have guessed, but this young talent came from very humble beginnings. From rappping in neighbours back yards to winning anumber of talent contests, no one can argue that D. Angel has honed his craft.
An excellent lyricist he writes all of the material and gets inspiration from many things around him.
His latest song that is ruling the air waves throughout The Bahamas is atribute to the legendary Tony Mckay. He got the idea because, so many persons were claiming that young artiste did not appreciate or respect the legacy's that were laid down before them. I wanted to change that; he claimed.

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Yo whta up dis ya boy D-Ange checkme out this week in Club Fliuid on Saturday. sansals Cay is coming up this month to ya heard! Bahamas baby!!!
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