When we first told people we had signed a hip-hop artist that created crazy production along with heated flows to our management company, they told us, well just another rapper. But we proved them all wrong with Dalivaa that is now on a major roll. Just last year, he has played his production for Def Jam, Bloodline, and Diplomat records. He was chosen to perform in the Sony Urban Music Showcases, and his demo package was requested by the management of Super Producer Chucky Thompson, whom produced hits for Notorious Big, Faith Evans, and Mary J. Blige.

Currently, he is receiving hits on his soundclick.com site from countries such as United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Canada. He has been chosen for BandRadio.com and FirstSpinz.com Compilation CD's that will be distributed to the movers and shakers of the music industry. Last month alone, Dalivaa had over 6000 song plays on his soundclick.com site and would not be hard to find, due to his global presence via the web.

Press Reviews

Duss Rodgers
CatsAsk Music & Entertainment- Review Department
How old is this cat? Damn, lyrical delivery is insane, beats is hot and talent just flows from these tracks! Dalivaa is doin' his thang!
This rapper/producer definitely got his set together droppin' some hot beats and catchy rhymes, one wonders how long until we see him on MTV with the rest o' these hip-hop cats. In the same league as 50-Cent and Lil John, this cat WILL be heard. Production is bangin' and lyrics are on point. With hot joints like "Sweat it Out" and "It's Ova Now", this boy gon' break down some hip-hop doors and soon! Emitting serious professionalism and hard work ethics, I'm anticipating some serious rippling effects in the industry when this cat finally gets the props he so obviously deserves. Keep it up B! Dalivaa it to these Cats and let 'em know!

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NAS, 50 Cent, G-Unit, Jay-Z, Bones, Thugs & Harmony


From Fayetteville, North Carolina a new hip-hop prodigy is emerging on the scene complete with all of the essential elements required to make him a sure-fire success. Darryl Warren Jr, a.k.a. Dalivaa makes up one of North Carolina?s premier rap soloist. While growing up, obtaining a strong influence from hip-hop music was apparent. Listening to artists ranging from Bone, Thugs and Harmony, Nas, Mase, and his love for music flourished during these years, which gave him a foundation to build on.

As the late 90's arrived, Dalivaa would begin to take the steps required to sharpen his skills to a competitive level. Being in the band, his production creation began and produced tracks for his group Darkshadows. Dalivaa began rapping with his friends Entell and Untouched, who later became his group members. The first song that Darkshadows recorded was Can?t Hold Us, which earned them an opening act for national recording artists Trick Daddy, and Trina. Coming from the country to the city to perform was a challenge, but they electrified the audience with their hit song Can?t Hold Us in the Queens Music Festival in New York City. Dalivaa kept producing songs such as Garbage Day, You Can See Me, and Fake ID?s that placed second in the Def Jam?s Repyocity contest, played as the Hot 104.5 Hot Pick at six for consecutive weeks, opening acts, and reviews from local newspapers.


Jacksonville, FL- Connexion Festival-11/27/04
Fayetteville, NC- Hot 104.5 Street Party-8/21/04
Fayetteville, NC-Club Palace-8/3/04
Washington, DC-ID 2004 Showcase-7/31/04
Fayetteville, NC- Hot 104.5 Block Party-7/24/04
Greenville, SC- Sony Urban Music Showcase- 5/15/04

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