Daddo Oreskovich is Eastern European guitarist, composer, and producer.Playing guitar since the age of six, Daddo went through many musical transformations. He is classically trained musician, and holds a degree in Contemporary Guitar Performance from Berklee College of Music in Boston.
He released his debut CD "The Other Side" in 2008, followed by the great success in USA and Europe. This CD is featuring an expansive plethora of musical styles, such as: Classical music, Metal, Progressive Rock, Fusion, Pop, with Eastern European ethnic flavor.
Daddo was 1st runner-up on 2008 USA national guitar competition "Guitar Superstar", hosted by Guitar Player magazine in San Francisco, CA. His achievements brought him many awards and nominations, as well as exclusive endorsement contracts with Graph Tech Guitar Labs and Dean Markley strings.
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"Great technique... Intonation was really good. I was impressed with all the ground you're covering, and all the different sounds you had on there. That was pretty impressive; you've pulled the two parts together; Shredding, sweep picking, everything...Nice vibrato..."
Joe Satriani
Guitar Player Guitar Superstar 2008 competition

"...I like the transitions. You know, a lot of times you find the guys that can't really play sweetly soft and also, you know, have the control when they pump up the volume. Very well, very well. Good control. I like your confidence, communicating with the audience...Very cool, congratulations."
Steve Vai
Guitar Player Guitar Superstar 2008 competition

"...The stuff you're doing is insane, you know. I come from the 60's and 70's, I mean, we don't play that way back then..."
George Lynch
Guitar Player Guitar Superstar 2008 competition

"From Chicago by way of Bosnia, Daddo Oreskovich wins the near-capacity crowd with a fun, dynamic showcase, using foot pedals to shift from an acoustic guitar sound to electric guitar squeals and speed. There's a bit of the aggressive jazz-rock playing of early Al DiMeola, but Mr. Easton doesn't mind this look back. He says, "I loved it."
Wall Street Journal

"Although Oreskovich was the only award-winner to plug into an amp, his performance still had acoustic overtones, as he opened with a piezo-driven, faux-flat-top section that paid homage to the folk melodies of his native Bosnia. From there, he cagily interspersed beautiful overdriven melodies with shred barrages."
Guitar Player magazine


Daddo Oreskovich was born in 1978 in the small town of Bihac in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the age of six, he began studying classical guitar and piano.
Between 1992 and 1995, Daddo evolved musically as a guitarist by listening to records of Gary Moore, Richie Blackmore, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Richie Kotzen and Reb Beach. Daddo then began to merge his classical background with modern rock guitar expression.
When the war broke out in Bosnia, Daddo was determined to continue his musical aspirations.With minimal life conditions, under the candle light, he would spend most of his days in his basement, playing guitar and writing music.

After the war was over and after high school graduation, Daddo attended the Music Academy in Sarajevo as a Music Theory major, playing the piano since the Academy did not have a Guitar Department at the time. In his second year of studies, he met some friends from Boston and they encouraged him to apply to Berklee College of Music and study electric guitar. After a tape audition, Daddo was then invited to Paris for the Berklee College of Music Live Scholarship Tour. In 1999, Daddo received a Berklee scholarship award letter, and in January of 2001 he moved to Boston.

While at Berklee, his musical mentors were: Joe Stump, David Fiuczynski, Mark White and
Don Lappin. In addition to studying traditional subjects (Harmony, Counterpoint, Arranging and Conducting), Daddo learned about various musical styles in modern/popular music, music technology with a specialization in Progressive and Neo-Classical Rock/Metal, as his main guitar approach. He promptly graduated in 2004, with a degree in Guitar Performance.

One of Daddo's unique musical abilities is formulating cohesive and expressive compositions, which ultimately represent Daddo's personality and background. He incorporates classical and traditional Eastern European music elements and instrumentation with classical and modern progressive sonic expression.

Daddo's debut album The Other Side was released in 2008 by Guitar Nine Records, and this album was the crown of his accomplishment in 24 years of being a musician. This album features amazing guitar performances, Symphonic arrangements and very vibrant melodic ideas.
One interesting fact is that Daddo recorded and produced this album in his home studio ("My Living Room Studio"), with minimal gear and technology, but with immense passion and diligent effort. This is a perfect example of creating a maximum result in minimal circumstances. This album was numerous times Top Seller in Progressive Metal category on Guitar Nine Records website.

In 2008 Daddo won 1st runner-up prize on a national guitar competition Guitar Superstar hosted by Guitar Player magazine. On the sold out show, in front of over 1000 guitar fans, Daddo was the only award-winning electric guitar player. Among the judges were prominent guitarist Joe Satriani, George Lynch and Steve Vai. The the show was hosted by Police guitarist Andy Summers.

Daddo is the 1st place winner of on-line guitar contest Premier Guitar Challenge hosted by Broadjam and Premier Guitar magazine. Daddo has been chosen among thousands of guitar players to be the top guitarist in the electric guitar category with his instrumental The Temple.
Marcus Henderson, lead guitarist for the Guitar Hero video game series, served as the artist judge for the contest. Judging was based on player's guitar skills and originality, and unique use of tone and musical spaces.

November 12 2009. Avalon Theater, Hollywood, California -> Daddo is the winner of very prestigious award for independent musicians in United States
- Los Angeles Music Award, in Guitar Performance of the Year category.

Daddo works as a composer, music educator, mixing/mastering engineer and producer.

Daddo proudly endorses Graph Tech Guitar Labs products, Q.Rich guitars and Dean Markley strings.


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