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Dane Cook Tourgasm Soundtrack

"The music is (as tends to always be the case with various artists collections) a mixed bag, but by and large there's some pretty good stuff here. The disc kicks of with an amped up Wolfmother track that fans will recognize as Tourgasm's theme song. From there, a number of tracks are pretty cool, especially the ones that take on a humorous tone, such as "Straight To Video" by Truepenny and "Alternative Lifestyle" by Cruelty Free."

Dane Cook Chooses Cruelty Free

Corey Bates, of Cruelty Free has geared up for the release of Dane Cook's "Tourgasm Tour" Soundtrack on Rhino Entertainment, where their single, "Alternate Lifestyle", has already been receiving rave reviews. Rock & Roll heavy hitters like Wolfmother have helped to propel the unsigned artists included on the compilation as well as the fact that the bands were handpicked by Cook himself. After many positive reviews online from magazines like Rolling Stone, it is obvious that Cook's taste in music translates directly to his fans. They've been snatching up the "Jimmy Eat World-esque" track, which is paired with snippets of Cook's boundary-pushing wit, even before the CD dropped in stores!

This up and coming artist is forcing people to take notice- and are collectively being described as "One of Today's Best-Unsigned Rock Artists" by Rhino Entertainment themselves. To hear them– download "Alternate Lifestyle" via iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon or pick up the CD that is available in stores everywhere.

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After being hired by a major label to do dates with an upcoming artist, Corey Bates spent his time off writing songs late nights in his truck in the Santa Monica Mountains.
He decided to return to his home state of NY and find the perfect bandmates that would compliment the music; recruiting the ambiguous and talented Sir Callahan (John) and long-time-friend-drummer Stix (Scott).
Musical escapades and fun ensued.
They opted to call it Cruelty Free.

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