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The artist name is Zubie Egbujobi, originally born in Boston, Massachusetts now residing in Beloit, Wisconsin zubie ethnicity is Nigerian. His genre of music performed is r&b, and with intense but yet clever dance routines he was given the stage name Crowned Zubie The crowned prince of r&b. This young man is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the industry, another young R Kelly in the making- Stuart Love (Former Head East Coast A&R for Columbia and Warner Bros. Records)
At the age of 11, zubie found his love for music. Growing up and being influenced by performers such as Micheal Jackson, Boys Two Men, Jodeci, Rod Stewart, and Micheal Bolton he seems to have taken a little bit of talent from all.
Beginning his career within a group called A.P.O. zubie experienced a lot of success. However, the group broke up and zubie continued his career as a solo artist. Zubie now having perfected his craft, crossed the country from Atlanta to Wisconsin sweeping the ladies off their feet and leaving the guys bobbing their heads with his silky sounding voice. And smooth, slick dance moves.
At this time he is working on his fourth album with an experienced, and determined team backing him. Zubie has performed at Time square in New York with over 275,000 viewers being the first Wisconsin based artist to HEADLINE in Times Square giving him semi-national recognition and respect from his peers.

Opening up for artists such as 50 cent, Lyric, JS, Jeremiah, Do or Die, 3 piece, Gorilla Zoe, Johnny P., O.J The Juice Man and many more he has gained the respect, experience, and fan base needed to be not just another handsome face, but a headliner himself and an asset in the industry. Crowned Zubie signed with Come Clean Entertainment in November of 2009.

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