I am a songwriter/producer from Kingston, Jamaica. I produce a fusion of reggae/dancehall/hip-hop. I'm trying to delve into rock/pop. I figure since I have a classical background why not try everything right?

I do mainly instrumentals but have the facility to do vocal recordings, mix/master at industry quality if needed.

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Getting ready to do my first submission. So hyped!
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Matt Plastico
over 30 days ago to crossrootsdoc

Crossrootsdoc, Loving your fusion. Steel pulse awakening! Thank you, MP

Danny Makka
over 30 days ago to crossrootsdoc

Hey Doc, I like Zion's Hill - Yard Kour Reggae. Lol., Danny Makka seh dat. Bless d I.

Arnoux Desir
over 30 days ago to crossrootsdoc

Thanks for the rview.

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Rastafarian Way of Life
over 30 days ago

I Love your Work!!

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