Straight ahead rock and roll with a unique sound.

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"...This is straight-ahead rock and roll with catchy choruses and stripped-down guitarwork. Most of these tracks could be alternative radio hits, with enough styles and moods covered to satisfy any program director." - webzine
"...Rock for the thinking man, grabs the mind, not the cajones. Four Stars." - ICMA Newsletter
"...Wonderful lyrics and an impressive sound..." - VTN

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Haven't heard anyone that sounds quite like us.


Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Gin Blossoms, Wallflowers, David Johansen


Once in a generation, a band comes along to change the way we see popular music...
Well, these guys ain't it.
Lou Roberge and Don Bathrick, the Odd Couple of Rock and Roll, didn't set out to change the face of music when they formed Crooked Mile in the fall of '92. They wanted to make music that real people could relate to.Rock had seemingly left behind the people who had real lives, the 20- and 30-somethings who still wanted to rock, but couldn't relate to the bitching and moaning of the new bands that had become the mainstream, the people who said "Choreography? Choreograph this !!" Crooked Mile brought to the table songs about relationships, loneliness, and hope that ventured beyond the realm of slacker angst and hormonal discharge to reach into your soul, not just your pants.
Roberge, the sophisticated, soft-spoken small town vocalist with big city dreams, puts his heart and soul into every syllable, and Bathrick, who was apparently born in the Bates Motel, form as likely a pair of collaborators as Billy Joel and Fred Durst, but the differences in personality disappear when the first note is played, replaced by a common vision and drive to reach out to the forgotten generation of rock and roll. Roberge brings the soul to the songs that Bathrick brings from his dark corner of the world.
There is still some music out there that will reach beyond the boundaries of "the nookie", that will bypass your crotch and go straight to the heart. You just have to look for it.

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