I have been a musician all my life, but started out taking piano lessons at the age of 5. My teacher said I "had a nice touch", but ultimately I was not satisfied. I took up the trumpet in 4th grade and made the band that year, one of only 3 in my grade.

I joined the jazz ensemble in middle school, but it was there that I was distracted by two instruments: the electric guitar and drums. I got my first acoustic guitar for my 13th birthday and started taking lessons immediately. That summer, I also started taking drum lessons so I could start my first band, since no one else played drums. I took lessons on both instruments for about 5 years, and played in a band for a few of them.

In my late teens/early 20's, I started another band, Jocelin's Folly, and we released a self-produced album called, "Only A Sample" then took an indefinite break.

Since then, I have been writing and recording on my own, continuing to learn from the greats such as Phil Keaggy and Jon Foreman.

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Just released a 3-song EP on NoiseTrade at http://noisetrade.com/craigallen.
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over 30 days ago to Craig Allen

Thanks Craig for the great review on my song "Fiat Lux" ! It means a lot to get an honest opinion from someone who really knows about music ! Thanks !!!

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