When you talk about Old School crooners, Laidback ballads or whatever else category you can throw at the sweet sound of R&B, one things for certain, this cat will not be denied in it! Unlike other R&B artist, there's only a few out there who can say that they were practically raised up being around rappers instead of clinching on the footsteps of other R&B artist unlike before them. Known on the streets of H-town as "Mr. Eddie Kayne Jr" Cosi' first got introduced into the world of music in his early high school days while attending Jack Yates Sr. High with some of his most closest friends. Although he says he wasn't quite serious about it at the time, over the years, life on the streets of H-Town was no easy task for the self -proclaimed Entrepreneur,Producer,Singer,Songwriter, whose life of up and down rumbles always seemed to have got the best of him growing up. Raised on the ruff side of Chicago's north side as well from his early teen hood, when asked about his style of music and how will it reflect and fit in with today's newest sensations he quotes: My style consist of Dipp'n & Dapp'n because even thou I can't read music, I know what I want, as well as what I hear feel me. Thats something I believe that no one on this earth can take from a person and that's their God given talent. My sound is kinda mixed with what I like to call a lil Southern Hospitality with uh hint of Midwest tang to it (laughs). Cosi's album debut is due out mid sept of 2008 and when ask to comment on it, he sits back with a slick smurk on his face (trying to live up to his new crooner compatability.) Yeah my album is due out in the fall of 2008 entitled:"Discussions" as far as for what I think about it fitting in with today's talent, thats something the fans can decide on, all I can say at this point is get ready for the ride because its gone consist of a lil something everybody and they mama can tune into. I believe its gone most definitely turn some heads , as well as leave an impression with the ladies. The one thing that I always like to keep in mind and close to my heart, that I would spit at any young cat coming up, when you first step into this game "Its ok to teas'em in the beginning, but eventually, you will have to hurt'em at the end." (OUCH!!)

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