Conscious Object is a fusion hip hop project in Madison, WI. The music encompasses a range of moods while blurring the lines between traditional hip-hop and influences from other genres.

Mr Bomb Camp, the producer, began his musical pursuits playing live in rock bands, while tinkering with beats on the side. Reconsiderate, the lyricist, has been writing his own brand of free form prog since 1999. In the Fall of 2010, the two met online, intending at first to collaborate on a single song but later took the project further.

Conscious Object has:
- released two albums
- performed live on a regular basis
- collaborated with other artists such as Kristoff Krane
- opened for Cage, Sadistik, Carnage the Executioner, Big Cats, Homeless, Eric Mayson
- won two awards ("Best Hip Hop Performer", "Best Hip Hop Album", 2014 MAMAs)

Conscious Object is about making enjoyable and interesting music for its own sake, though you may be able to glean some substance from it if you listen carefully.

Latest News

Our 2nd release (Wayfinder) is available now on Bandcamp!

Mr Bomb Camp

Mr Bomb Camp started making music as a bass player originally, playing in several bands over a period of more than a decade. He began making hip hop beats in his spare time during this period, but only more recently has he started focusing his attention on hip hop.

With no active bands currently, Mr Bomb Camp has had more time to spend collaborating with various vocalists, creating instrumental songs, and remixing other artists' work. The music he makes now often draws influences from both hip hop and industrial rock at the same time.

Mr Bomb Camp has released collections of his work as a producer, and plans to continue doing so.


Reconsiderate is known for his inventive use of rhythm as well as his multi-dimensional fractal rhymes. Even more notable is the coherency of his lyrical content. It is often very apparent how the lyrics work both as raps and also written prose. Yet Reconsiderate has more to offer.

Beyond his role as the rapper for Conscious Object, Reconsiderate also makes free form software synth music. It sounds completely different.

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