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For your listening pleasure; I've just uploaded our 1st single "Doin Our Own Thang". Please check it and "like" it on Facebook if you do! Personally, I think you will...

Finally, the album that I've been working on by IndiSoulREY for over a year is being released Tuesday March 5! Been a long time coming! I'll be putting the whole CD up here for your listening pleasure on that day. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it as much as I had making it!

Nice joints!! Liked them all....

Nice track!!!

Finally done mixing our groups 1st CD, IndiSoulREY due out this spring!! I'll be posting a few of the joints up for review and whatnot in the next few days, and I'll be reaching out to you fellow Broadjammers' out there for your comments.

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DJ Aotobon
over 30 days ago

Dope sun you gotta let me in on some of that funk

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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