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over 30 days ago to chaz

I just received a review from you that was completely inappropriate. You went out of your way to make a personal attack on me and it was uncalled for. I have given and received many reviews and never have I seen someone on Broadjam go out of their way to be so cruel. In the positive comments you wrote, "None that come to mind...rockabilly, hillbilly really silly" and for constructive comments you wrote, "Find a songwriter that has some experience". These comments are personally insulting. I have always been able to find something positive to say and something constructive in my reviews of other people's music, even with songs I did not care for at all. When you wrote the so called positive comment "none that come to mind" that showed you were not being objective and gave no effort to help out another musician. When you went on further to only take effort in insulting me with the statements, "rockabilly, hillbilly really silly" and the so called constructive comment "find a songwriter that has some experience" you showed that instead of focusing your comments to the giving of information about your critique of the song, you would rather focus your effort on unhelpful and insulting remarks. The spirit of the broadjam peer reviews is to give the participating artist the chance to have their music herd with honest constructive feedback that helps them develop as an artist. Your behavior is not conducive to this practice; in fact it is in direct opposition to it. I expect an apology from you promptly. If I do not receive an apology soon, my first step will be to take this matter up with Broadjam.

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over 30 days ago

i was listening thru cheap earbuds...just listened again on speakers. it's actually a catchy,classic country feel throwback to the 50's genre. the players are good and as a compliment to you , your voice reminds me of Gordon Lightfoot. gonna' listen to your other tunes also.

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over 30 days ago


The review system here can be a challenging one to swallow some days.

Often... I myself have received reviews that have left me literally shaking with frustration.

People sometimes forget that some one will actually be reading the reviews we leave. I find that I myself can only do a couple reviews at a time being my taste for music is very specific and much of the music I find on BJ "is not" the kinda stuff that I'd listen to at home or in the car.

Professionalism is a very important factor when it comes to these reviews. Ultimately... You're gonna get from the system what you put into it.

I can certainly understand your frustration Mike. Its tough when artists just slop in a few numbers and don't provide any useful feedback... But its gonna happen... And there's even a chance a decent reviewer may slip and do it to you.

I know I've left a few reviews that weren't necessarily fair myself...

But I'll say this... Judging by Chaz's response, he likely now realizes how personal these reviews can be, and I'm sure he "is" sorry for not providing more useful feedback.

We've all been there Mike... I think perhaps this encounter could best be used as a reminder that "music is very personal to all of us."

So... To everyone that reads this.

"It may not be your style, it may not be to your preference, and perhaps things could have been done better... But we're all professionals here, and we should try to act like professionals when it comes to artist that find the courage to put their work out there for others to judge."

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over 30 days ago

Protilius really puts the whole review thing in a realistic light. I have had my share of reviews that I thought were unreasonable and unfair. I had one reviewer tell me to buy a song writing book - Really? Buying a book would kill any creative boner in my body. But afterall, I did post them for review and not everyone will like them. And that is cool, cuz I don't like everything I hear on BJ. But I do remember that someone has worked very hard on something that is very close to their heart and we need to respect that. So don't let anyone break your creativity but with that comes strength to take the crappy reviews and let em slide off. There is no room for personal attacks and making fun. Keep it professional.

over 30 days ago to MIKE PERRY

Hi, i hope you make me a connection. Just a heads up to let you know that as a celebration of my first year on broadjam and with my new studio just opened, I am offering to fully master two of any of your songs for free. I will send back to you a fully mastered wav and a mp3 file all for no charge. If you are interested please get in touch with me and I will give you more details of what I need to give you a pro sounding Master. thanks

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