"We found Love" is a Very cool Vibe, dig it...Peace...Frontline

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Reviews (Reverbnation) "I Believe In Love" by George Thomas
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This song had a singer with real talent. He had a smooth voice. The song was slow, but had some excitement to it at the same time. This song had awesome instrumental sound that kept in tune well in the song.

The use of tambourines and the clean vocals gives it a very nice 1950's feel. The singer's voice sounds so much like Elvis. Very fun song. This is funky and very danceable song. The lyrics are uplifting as well and inspiring. Great job!

This song is magical. Lets start with that 50's sound. Love the tambourine and light touch f electric guitar. And that Elvis growl? And that Johnny Cash flat note he catches us with is just amazing. Steals my rock and roll soul. This song is just nothing less than wonderful. Like I said, it just bleeds 50's. The clapping in the background really gets me. Just makes me want to sway like I'm in a poodle skirt. Yet I can hear the acoustic keeping it nice and slow and soft. Though this song has classic pulsing all through it I can still consider this something "new". Hit for sure.

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