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Unique - Soundtracks | Tilburg, Netherlands
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ViktorMateorov206084 posted over 30 days ago to Erwin Steijlen


Unknown posted over 30 days ago to Erwin Steijlen

I read that you had success with a placement here, I'm new to Broadjam and just wondered how did that work? Considering spending some money on here and wondering if it is worth it.

Erwin Steijlen posted over 30 days ago

Hi Norris, i would advice you to spend the money elsewhere. I stopped using Broadjam a long time ago... it doesn't work.
If you feel your music is suitable for tv, film or corporate use then send it over to libraries directly. I've sold hundreds of tracks this way last year..
I would suggest checking out Audiosparx, Pump Audio, Crucial Music and read ll the info on Music Library Report.
Imo Broadjam is fake.
Hope this helps.
Good luck! Erwin

Vi: 00110110 posted over 30 days ago

I disagree...

Broadjam has brought me clients, opportunities that have paid cash, and opened a lot of doors for me.

I quit my day job about this time last year and really... I have the networking broadjam has given me access to to thank for all of that fortune.

I agree the review system regarding the actual ops is bullshit. I'll review 20 tracks that I frankly would never see in a major motion picture or network television show and then watch my own work get tanked by those very same people reviewing and submitting... That part "Is" bullshit. But there is a lot more going on here than just that.

I will confess... I've spent nearly $4,000 shopping music and competing in competitions here. Have often felt that my work was overlooked or disregarded over bias reviewing practices and even politics or PR... But there are opportunities to be had here.

In reality... Its a crap shoot even if you have the best music for the job... Truth is there are music supervisors that have a specific preference and taste for the sounds they are looking for. Just because your work is good... Doesn't mean its what they want.

My advice to you is to submit selectively... and review honestly without bias.

I've had several tracks picked up by publishers through this site, had only a few that have returned my investments in part, but ultimately this website has given me the tools and experience required to do what I'm doing today.

Don't be so quick to blow it off.

The web hosting alone is worth the $200 a year... Not to mention everything else.

Just my 2 cents.

Unknown posted over 30 days ago

Thanks N. Jones and Erwin, I have about 46 tracks uploaded here from multiple different genres and have been submitting regularly, but was not getting the ROI I had expected. At this point I've spent about $300-$400 and I'm kind of just waiting to see if I can make that money back before I spend more.

I know in September, there are a lot of expected decision dates so waiting to see what happens then. I just wanted to know what peoples experiences were, that are shown on the actual success page, also since there are not dates on that page, I'm not even sure if those placements are from this year.

Unknown posted over 30 days ago

Hey Erwin I'm definitey interested in where you had the most success at regarding those hundreds of tracks, just really learning the ropes here.

I am on AudioSparx, but shyed away from Pump Audio since they take 65% off the top, have you had good success with PumpAudio?

Erwin Steijlen posted over 30 days ago

Hi Norris, you can reach these same publishers N.Jones talks about yourself.. don't lose money and hopes on BJ or Taxi. No filmmaker, supervisor or advertiser is gonna listen to Broadjam submissions. No way!
I tried it myself for more than one year before coming to this conclusion. And why would you pay money for a submission to a publisher or library that you can easily reach yourself. No need for BJ.
I send my first cd to Pump Audio in 2009 and the forgot about it.. got my first check of almost 10,000 dollars in jan 2010. I don't like that company but they do sell. I guess nowadays they sell cheaper because of all the competition but still make me 2000 to 3000 every half year. And i haven't submitted new material! I joined Audiosparx in febr 2010 and after a couple of months i became their bestseller, selling between 25 and 45 tracks every quarter. I still am and still do.
I then send songs and instrumentals to more libs like Crucial, MusicDealers and a couple more but not all are succesfull. They've licensed songs of mine in many tv series such as Single Ladies, Blossom, Parenthood and a couple of feature films.
To me it's just extra because i make a good living as a songwriter/composer and i have never ever written something esp for a library. It's all stuff already made for a client or just wanted to record. I only do non-exclusive.
The webhosting is old fashioned and looks crap. You can do alot better for nothing if you look around on the web. Look at my webpage : and know it costs only 120 dollars a year.
If you feel your music is ready and it sounds pro go try it in the real world.
Cheers, Erwin

Unknown posted over 30 days ago

Thanks for the info Erwin, appreciate the advice!!

Unknown posted over 30 days ago

How come you don't like Pump Audio?

Vi: 00110110 posted over 30 days ago

I'd imagine its because they take 65%... But if they're gonna whore your music out more than others, it may be worth it.

Erwin is also very correct about contacting publishers on your own time. Just be professional in your approach and request permission to submit music prior to shooting them a demo. They see it as a sign of respect and will likely be more open to previewing your work.

Erwin Steijlen posted over 30 days ago

Hi Norris and N.Jones. Pump are an arrogant company and put my tracks on Gety images without asking. When you tell m that you don't want to be featured on gety you're automatically thrown out of Pump too. The 35/65 percentage is ridicilous but since they only have old music of mine i can live with it. Alot of the libs are very difficult to reach or approach and when you get in you still have to hope they will do a good deal for you and not sell your music really cheap. They have sold tracks of mine to MTV for 1 dollar 75 cents. Crazy!

Vi: 00110110 posted over 30 days ago

Thats one of the reasons I wasn't so hot on Audiosparks. If I'm not getting at least a couple hundred dollars to use one of my tracks, explain to me why I should put 40 to 50 hours into producing one again?

Gety images, where do I know that name? Aren't they like a huge company or something?

David Bruce Davis posted over 30 days ago to Erwin Steijlen

"We Belong Here" is such an awesome tune! Just excellent stuff!

Erwin Steijlen posted over 30 days ago

Thanks David. I wrote this one for the "Tour de France" wich started in Rotterdam, the Netherlands this year before taking off to France... I'm happy you like the song. Will check out your stuff too! Erwin