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Rock - Progressive Rock | Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
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Dave Sumner posted over 30 days ago to Nanner Head

Thanks for downloading my song UNGNOME. Hope you enjoy it. Intend to start working on Vox soon for that and a few other instrumentals on my profile. Keep coming back. Hope to make some time soon to sit down with this site and give your material a serious listen. Love what I hear from the short sneak peaks I've taken so far. Keep it up; members can be replaced.

Dave Sumner posted over 30 days ago to Ian Graham

Good morning Ian. Nice job on Clock On. Really enjoyed this new upload. The harmonization and force added to this tune are definite improvements. Gives the piece much more personality. A real credit to you as an artist that you can take various criticisms and use them to your advantage.

Dave Sumner posted over 30 days ago to Craig Higgins

Sitting at a Starbucks reviewing your song Prisoners and I got booted off before I got to send it. Glad I was able to track you down anyway. Love the song; looking forward to checking out more of your material. Really great quality in the whole presentation: vocally, instrumentally, lyrics, recording. Would have giving you straight A's had I been able to get the review through. Cheers.

Craig Higgins posted over 30 days ago

Dave, I sincerely thank you for not only listeni g to my song, but for taking the time to write me despite the fact you were booted off (happens to me too). I truly appreciate the kind words. I would even take unkind words if they were constructive, a rare thing on broadjam these days. I also look fwd to experiencing your music, too. Btw, I am a starbucks fan too. Mocha frapps :)

Drockower posted over 30 days ago

Yeah i reviewed edge of nowhere.... and I had to track him down too! KEep coming backl at least once a week to check it out!

Ian Graham posted over 30 days ago to Dave Sumner

Hello Dave, I've now uploaded a new, longer version of Clock On, which you reviewed a while back. Thanks again for your comments. I like Outside. You have a good, soaring voice. Reminds me a bit of Clapton. Cheers. Ian

Dave Sumner posted over 30 days ago to Johnny Blackburn

Damn man are you the only one who reviews music on here? Great review as always; Great tips. Some trashy gtr over this would definitely bring up the intensity. I've actually got some really angry, blood-spitting lyrics, (thinking bout the ex), for this I'm going to try tomorrow. Hope to reupload this weekend. Hope to have some time in the next few days to sit down and check out more of your new stuff and review some things. Keep pumping out that awesome material man.

Johnny Blackburn posted over 30 days ago

I meant to say thrashy guitar, hehe, the old style solos where it's just crazy speedy runs and stuff! Hope you do get to add vocals, I'd like to hear it with them! I'll keep my eye on my notifications on here to see if you get it posted.
You know, sometimes I think I am the only one on here who reviews stuff!! I've been getting an average of one to two a day........usually one. I added a few songs from my old band, off our last CD as a group.

Dave Sumner posted over 30 days ago

Thrashy. Check.

Dave Sumner posted over 30 days ago to RZDS

Hey guys. Congrats on Violation making the Rock top 10

RZDS posted over 30 days ago

Hey thanks Dave, keep in touch, best to you.

Dave Sumner posted over 30 days ago to Johnny Blackburn

Just listened to Anthill pt1. Oh man. So good! Really creative. I get the tribute part but this is all your own. Great idea to build on this concept and I can't wait to hear part 3.
You're busy dude. Right on. Want to check out your new additions over the next couple of days.
Had visitors this past week or so; haven't been able to work on a lot besides a remix or two. Thanks for giving me the boost to get back at it.
Did get to check out Goatwhore from Louisiana on Sunday. Awesome band. Blew the headliner (Watain) out of the bayou. Going to see Waters perform The Wall in December. Dream come true. Later.

Johnny Blackburn posted over 30 days ago

Thanks man, I'm enjoying the hell out of doing this anthill stuff. No idea on Part 3 yet. Still got two other things I'm working on......just started working on one of them tonight....got the drums and one guitar track done, but I'm off to bed for now!
Enjoy Waters for me too. I've never got to see PF live, or Waters........I love his flyod stuff, he is the definition of "gone mad" for me, true loonatic! I strive to be half as looney as he is. I can only imagine how much tickets are, so again, enjoy that one for me! The Wall is one of my Top 3 of all time cds. It's actually what I've been listening to in the car on my ipod. I saw Paul McCartney a few years ago now, paid out ragious price for the tickets......but man, great show. They played forever and nailed everything. Worth every penny to see him! Can't wait to hear some new tunage of yours with vocals!

Tranzphat posted over 30 days ago

sorry to butt in guys but did someone say roger waters lol!
i'm still kicking myself i didnt go to see him when he toured in sydney 5 years ago,i believe he had doyle bramhall II on guitar with snowy white.....now that would've been a sight to see.check out "in the flesh" roger waters live dvd,doyle really takes it out there

Dave Sumner posted over 30 days ago

I think he's had a fairly stable lineup the past few tours and I believe Bramhall and White are on this tour. Rumour has it also that David Gilmour will make an appearance at select shows. If true I doubt that will include Vancouver. Search for their acoustic reunion at a benefit show for the Hoping Foundation this past summer.

Johnny Blackburn posted over 30 days ago

Chime in Tranzphat, Chime in! Not butting in at all. I'll have to look for that In the Flesh DVD. The next DVD I get will be that Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, & Anthrax show, I'm dying to see it. Kicking myself right now because they were just here (all but metallica, and I've already seen them) about an hour away drive and I didn't go see it. But I'll add that to my Christmas list. Like I said above, Waters is one of my favorites. I think I've seen a few songs from the hoping Foundation thing.....because it was newer and it wasn't the Reunion show they did for......was it Live Aid, I think? I remember it was hosted by the guy who was in the wall movie. That VH1 behind the music on Dark Side of the Moon was really good too. Crazy how the original demo for "Money" sounds in that thing. Dave, got my fingers crossed for you that Gilmour makes an apperance at the show you're at. If I could play lead guitar like anyone, it would be Gilmour............he can absolutely make a guitar sing.

Dave Sumner posted over 30 days ago to Bird Mancini

Thanks so much for your review of "Conversation." It could certainly very much would benefit from acoustic drums; or at least a bit of variation in the drums. Thanks for reminding me; I've been so busy coming up with new stuff that the old unfinished material sometimes gets neglected.
Really loving your material. You guys have a stellar sound. Looking like you're garnering a supportive following back in Mass. Definitely agree with your reviewers that you deserve to be heard far and wide. Looking forward to keeping track of your new material. All the best. Dave.

Johnny Blackburn posted over 30 days ago to Dave Sumner

Congrats on making the Progressive Top 10! Enjoyed the song you just posted, can't wait for vocals!

Dave Sumner posted over 30 days ago

Hey thanks man. This little bit of recognition we're receiving feels pretty good doesn't it.

Working on lyrics for 'Caravan' and 'Ungnome' now. Have a weeks vacation coming up so I may rent a rehearsal space and blow my voice out on some trax.

Listened to 'Sit Alone Orchestra' last night; really impressed. Sounds like you have some musical training or band experience. That arrangement sounds really professional. Great textural choices; wouldn't have thought of a sitar with that arrangement but it totally works. Submit that to the right opportunity and you're probably going to have some success with it. I'm going to have to try to stretch myself out of my comfort zone and try something along those lines. Kudos.

Dave Sumner posted over 30 days ago to Sixty Miles Down

Congrats on the top 10s for this song. It's a killer. Good luck with the new material. You guys have what it takes to take this thing anywhere you want. All the best.

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