Thank you for your review of my song Me Against Myself! I have changed it around a bit since that version. YOu can check out MAM2010 on my site if you would like. If not, good luck and thanks for your time!


Hi Ben, Thanks for having a listen to "I Don't Play Well With Others" - yes, a bit "floaty" on the vocals. You rock! I love what I hear from your webiste. Ann

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Hi Ann!
Thanks for the message! We should definitely keep in touch.. =) So did you do both guitar and vocals on "I don't play well with others"?
take care!

over 30 days ago

Yes -yes, just me feeling my way through. the last song of the session. I had just written so thought I'd try it out, even though I was a bit tired. It turned out better than I thought it would for being so unrehearsed - maybe I was finally warmed up! needs work, as they all do, but appreciate your experienced consult. thx. ann

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