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Multiple award winning songwriter Colleen Coadic, born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
Launched her musical ride in Anchorage, Alaska.
5 critically acclaimed independent CDs.
indie label:

bio - Colleen Coadic Cobb

Colleen Coadic :
Singer, songwriter, producer, author, Traditional Usui Reiki master, alternative modality healer, teacher friend, wife, sister, auntie: born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, lives and CREATES in Eagle River, Alaska with her husband, fellow uber producer/bass player Sean Cobb.

February 2010 update:
The plans for the new house are complete. The recording/teaching/concert studio and GF kitchen in the mountains next to the river are ready to be manifested.
Let the snow to thaw. Let the building begin! There's much creation to explode.

5 CDs currently available:

Upcoming New Music:
- Programmed To Receive: Fall 2010 release
- 7: Fall 2010 release

Critically Acclaimed, 20,000 + units Indie sold:
- You Feel This Good (2004)
- The Opposite Only Better (2002)
- Scream Of Consciousness (1998)
- T o D a Y (1996)
- Say Anything (1994)

Music CDs and Downloads:,,,

Sound Therapy:
2 CDs Fall 2010 release
- Usui Reiki Masters, a Conversation Of Energy
- Body Frequency Sounding, Timed Usui Full Reiki

4 projected releases September, 2010
- Hemophilia HIV, Hepatitis C Survival Handbook
1 His Perspective: primary
2 Her perspective: primary caregiver
- Surviving and Thriving Life with Chronic Pain
The Truths your Doctors Can't, and Big Pharma
Won't Tell You
- Gluten Free-Me!
Heavenly Comfort Recipes for Gluten, Dairy,
Corn, Peanut, Egg Challenged Living from Col's
Kitchen. Protein, fiber, nutrient rich super
foods explored.

floaty, splashy, waves of all you need.
Sydney, Cape Breton transplanted to Alaska
Record Label:
West River Sound

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what the critics, fans say

what the fans and critics say:
on You Feel This Good:

"...technically superb ...excellent musicianship
...vocal abilities and songwriting more intricate, refined..."I look around to see everyone in the office bobbing their heads to the music. It's a hit with them too. It feels that good.
- Chris Lonsberry,

"I'm a sucker for the big hook. We've established that Colleen knows how to write the big hook. "Flatbelly" is a great example of that, which had me walking around singing, "Everybody's perfect little me." Not because I felt compelled by the lyric but because the phrase turns on an instantly singable chorus."
"Every song is built on a solid musical foundation and honestly, the CD is a joy to play. ...honestly, I could say something great about every song on this disc."
- Cary, musicmisfits - IMS Reviews(indie music)

"We last gave an Editor's Pick to Colleen Coadic for her "The Opposite Only Better." "We're going to give her another one for her latest album. "You Feel This Good" is a sincere look at a woman's life in this chaotic world that we all live in. Always upbeat despite the weariness of our world, Colleen brings us her art in a form that's so intrusively emotional it's a wonder she's not sitting next to us playing when you listen to her album.
- J-Sin,

"From the slightly haunting ' Everything Turns to Gold ' to the unpretentious ' Shut Off the World ', you get the feeling that if Colleen Coadic really wanted, she could unleash some seriously powerful vocals.
But as it is with so many great singer/songwriter's, Coadic's real strength lies in her songwriting. You can see her range of skills in this new album.
You Feel This Good refuses to be limited to the standard album genres.
Both the musician and the music have a conquering spirit. It's the spirit that can renew your faith in the world on this never-ending ride around the sun."
- Teresa Liao - Writer for Rikks Revues

"Hear ye, hear ye, hearken to the voice of hope, the seasoned sound of Colleen Coadic, survivor extraordinaire. A strong, competent troubadour, she boldly brings her songs of redemption with words that may be particularly encouraging to women."
"But be clear - the girl rocks as well as she incites."
"...cynical intelligence, commenting on the state of our times with both a ruthless honesty and a tender compassion."
"...Coadic has an eye for the culture's socially accepted snares, and she seems to take wicked glee in exposing them. Yet another thing to like about her, beside her warm voice, her major writing chops, and her arranging talents."
- Kevan Breitinger,

"With the pipes, the chops, the passion and the attitude to sell this and more, Coadic careens full tilt throughout "You Feel This Good". "She has to on songs like "Better Than This", propelled by Sean Cobb's reggae tinged bass (he's outstanding throughout). "Check out the scat solo here to get an idea of Coadic's range."
On "You Feel This Good", Coadic's twelve for twelve with radio ready songs that stick and a voice that must melt snow in her home state of Alaska."
- David Kleiner, Minor 7th

"Her powerhouse vocals belt out an anthem like chorus and the melody is radio friendly without being pretentious."
"It's difficult to select a highlight on this CD because the effort is uniformly superb."
"...I think it is one of the year's best."
- Phillip Hardy, Madmonk, New Radio

"'s her vocals that draw you in: Coadic delivers each note as if it might be her last."
"Whether she's singing along to the gritty guitars of album opener "Flatbelly" or the mellower, ethereally-pitched "Shut off the World", Coadic's best asset is her uninhibited voice."
"Given Coadic's unstoppable voice -- and something to say -- You Feel This Good should easily win her a spot among today's noteworthy indie songwriters. And for vibrant, exhilarating sing-alongs, her choruses really can't be beat. "
- Melissa Amos, Splendid


Colleen Coadic
songwriter.singer.manic guitar.bass.ukelele.kazoo.

Born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, to an eclectic musical family; an artist-singing mother , a bass player father, a self-taught grandfather who played accordion, and her French singing grandmother, Colleen's talents spoke earliest via her expansive voice, then songwriting via acoustic and bass guitar.

Some accomplishments thus far:
- independent release and distribution of five CDs/20,000 units:
Say Anything ('94) , T o D a Y ('96) , Scream Of Consciousness ('98) , The Opposite Only Better ('01) , You Feel This Good ('04)

- CDs and merch. online via Colleen’s official web sites, Indie label 12 Records, CDBaby, and live.

- heavy rotation of two videos, including CMT Canada, MTV Europe, feature: Snowdance Film Festival: innovation in cinematography

- tours and opening performances including Ani DiFranco, Blues Traveler, Dishwalla, Alanis Morissette, Blu Cantrell, Cracker

- multiple multi-media performances, songwriting and performance awards including: 3x recipient: Canada's prestigious F.A.C.T.O.R awards, 7x Press Pick winner: Anchorage best performer, best singer, best songwriter (‘98 - ‘04), 3x winner Alaska’s Song Of The Year: Pop ‘01, Rock and Other -’ 04, 38x Top Ten Broadjam Artist:

- extensive Intl. online and print accolades and reviews including Performing Songwriter, Indie-Music, The Celebrity Cafe

'Next' plans include expansion of the band's recording studio, CD #6, aggressive media campaigns to coincide with ‘06 tour support of the new CD.

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