From NYC originally and living in Jax, Fl. I have new professional mixes of songs I've written the past 20 years. Some tracks include my son and guest local musicians. I perform out on rare occasion. I was a member of Strawberry Fieldz a Beatles cover band for most of 2015. Code of Light is a concept whereby I'm looking to form alliances with other songwriters and producers for a variety of influences in certain tracks. I'm working on a new album called "Metamorphic Rock" and the new uploads are a preview of the tracks included. After I've completed ten tracks for the new album, I'm hoping by the end of 2023 to restart work on professionally recording the rock opera I wrote in 2009 called, "The Code of Light". The Code of Light is a rock opera, but isn't purely rock, it will incorporate other styles, too. It's a three-act piece, six songs per act for a total of 18 cool songs. Actor Bob Balaban, who I worked with as a featured extra on an HBO film, heard the home demo version in 2010 an

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I started Code of Light in 2005 and continued up until around 2012 before I realized I needed to get better produced tracks and not rely on home demos. Ten years later, finally found funding and started re-recording older tracks and a few new ones. The latest track I wrote in 2022 is Gene Expression and is a nice alternative rock track. Always seeking collaborators and backers for further music productions, but either way, I'll be busy the next two years trying to get at least 40 quality tracks out including the Metamorphic Rock and The Code of Light albums. free web counter

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Founder, Charles (Charlie) Beyer, has been a singer/guitarist/songwriter for nearly 30 years. He began doing home recordings on a 4-track analog tape player in 1993 then to digital using multi-track programs such as Voyetra Digital Orchestra in 1998 and now using Cubase for home demos and partnering with Jordan White, producer and guitarist for Avery for professional mixdowns. He worked in LA with Aton Ben-Horin who is now Global Vice President of A&R for all of Warner Music Group's labels, including Atlantic Records and Warner Bros. Records.

Member ASCAP since April 2007
Member International Songwriter's Guild - Orlando since May 2004
Member Screen Actor's Guild since 2007

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Got cool stuff going on...won an award for music in a short film presented to me in Tampa, Florida (practice for a future Grammy or two), was cast as a featured extra in the Emmy-nominated HBO film, Recount, with an onscreen credit to boot, and my music and acting will be in a digital independent feature to be release late this year for festival then DVD. More later, soon, better music too.

International Songwriter's Guild

Visit the International Songwriter's Guild - Orlando, Florida chapter. Lots of good people, we're looking to get the name recognition a songwriter's guild like this deserves. Dolly Parton is one of the best known members. Click on the world map pic below for link

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I don't know how many fellow artists who review my work are interested in collaborating, but I just want to say that I welcome the opportunity to work with any musician who wants to experiment with my style. I can help add elements to songs. Just send me a message!

I will be uploading songs through the rest of this year, I've collaborated with about five musicians so far on the project.

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