CLOVIS MANN is a rising power trio out of Madison, WI playing songs about love, life, and struggle, while combining rock, blues and jam music with a penchant for hard-driving rhythms, transcendental soloing, and inspiring improvisation. Comprised of Stosh Jonjak on bass, Ethan Noordyk on drums and percussion, and Daniel Walkner on guitar, vocals, slide, and harmonica, Clovis Mann is no stranger to the stage. Determined to bend genres and explore new musical territories Clovis Mann can guarantee their fans something wholly new and original for every show. Catch them live some time, it may change everything.

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Clovis Mann wears its personality on its sleeve. Its lively blues rock is unpretentious, working-class, beer-soaked, therapeutic, hard-driving and in search of justice. Metamorphic shows why Clovis Mann is a joyous addition to the Madison music scene.

Rich Albertoni- Isthmus.
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Scott Tingley
over 30 days ago to Clovis Mann

No drum machine amigos. That's Darrell Nutt jamming live with our rhythm section. No worries though, still love The Clovis Mann experience. Ser Gutt! Scott.

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