Based in Australia, Cloud Hex is a production team influenced by everything from Muse to Celldweller, Danny Cocke to Slayer, and all things dramatic. We love concocting cinematic hybrid-orchestral pieces from subtle underscore to apocalyptic trailer monsters that raise the 13th level of hell. We also love taking synths, big beats and guitars to make eclectic, schizophrenic pop anthems. Do stop by and take a listen!

Cloud Hex

Brutal. Divine. Emphatic.
Cloud Hex music fuses contrasting elements to form something loud, dramatic, new and unexpected.


My name is Luke Outram and I am a guitarist/producer from Perth. Under the name Cloud Hex I have been producing electronic, alt-metal and hybrid-orchestral songs for digital release since 2013. Several tracks have appeared in indie films, ads, online videos and podcasts. A recurring theme in my songs is female strength; this along with LGBT+ rights inspires me lyrically. I love to interplay the sweet sounding female vocals against aggressive guitars and huge beats to create a contrast that makes up my favourite kind of music. I am drawn to heavy music as the drama of it excites me, and i also feel it addresses the anger towards the forces who oppress those I mentioned. This is most overt on the track "Last Man On Earth".

The Chasing Shadows EP

The song "Chasing Shadows" was written and first released as a single in 2015. Although i loved the track, i was never entirely happy with the mix and my production skills were rather basic at the time. The following year after submitting it to many directors and music supervisors, Rob Hawk heard it and it was featured in his 2016 film "Fight Valley". With each country the film was separately released in, I would see a steady rise in the song plays from there. People were searching it out and this gave me the kick to re-record and breathe a lot more life into it. I was very happy with the results and was finally able to release an EP in its name. "Last Man On Earth" and "Jarnana" were always planned for the EP, while "Stronger" was an older track I wanted to include to add a little more dance-rock feel to contrast the heaviness of the others. And like the title track, it was re-recorded and re-produced to bring it right out of its shell.

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Lost @ Sea
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Loaded tons of originals in hopes to spread the love of music created over 25 years with over 50 musicians!

Kai Engelmann
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Sounds great!

TSW - The Song Writers
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Death maX - hi5 Cloud Hex for Last man on Earth, TSW - AwesomE originally

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