not porn, but still engrossing and inappropriate.


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Clean & Nasty (like who isn't)

SUSAN HWANG, has been singing the blues since her D.C. days and has been the only yellow member of gospel choirs since she was 13. After honing her primal yelling in hard rock band, Murderizer (, and squeezing like hell with The Main Squeeze Orchestra (, Susan now writes songs with Clean & Nasty about the dumbest things ever and uses this group as a vehicle to explore the role of mundanity in a modern life punctuated by inexplicable moments of terror and an overriding sense of anxiety.

MICHAEL GITTLEMAN has been a bass player for the last 3 decades and has played with everyone from Fred Frith to Dave Newhouse to D.C. rock band, 9353, to Melting Fish with Matt Cameron. He has more basses than he has compassion for humanity. He's also the owner of a new studio in DUMBO, Electroluxe Studios (

IAN MEREDITH is perhaps the only Welsh banjo player on earth. He studies with banjo legend, Tony Triska, and also serves as the band’s style compass. He gets a new bow tie for almost every show.

CHARLES LAVOIE can pretty much play anything he gets his hands on. Currently, it’s harmonica and spoons, but he wouldn’t refuse a washboard if you threw it at him. Incidentally, he doesn’t listen to music that is written any later than 1979 (he thinks The Cure is called The Cures).

MARIA SONEVYTSKY was handstand champion of the first grade. Her prowess for physically demanding feats of grace made her a natural accordion player. She’s squeezed with the Main Squeeze Orchestra, Anti Social Music and various NYC groups. Her own band is slavic-pop sensation, Baby Pool (

Clean & Nasty bio

Clean & Nasty plays piano-driven, bluesy originals about feeling bad, distractions and sex, which is a good distraction when you're feeling bad. So is ice cream. Clean & Nasty is based in New York City.

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