Here is a collection of songs that we've really enjoyed and haven't made available to all. Well after being hounded for a while, we have made these 10 tracks available for a limited time. Enjoy!

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Phillip & Grace Bio

Grace is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, and worship leader. With fervor for excellence in those fields, Grace has plunged into a life of pursuing the will of God for her and seeing the results of living an empowered life. During her childhood years, Grace received her music experiences from church and the weekly music class in school.

Progressing in education, Grace concentrated in dance during her pre-adolescent years and later returned to her love for music during her teens at LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and the Performing Arts. There she began the process of sharpening her vocal, writing, and arranging skills and earned the recognition of Sony BMG in their Bertelsmann Songwriting contest, as well as the Michael Masser award in Honor of Whitney Houston from the ASCAP foundation.
Grace currently attends Berklee College of Music where she is enrolled in the dual major of Music Education and Contemporary Writing & Production.

With great desire to perfect her gifts and talents, the education she receives will further her goals of pioneering a school for the discovery and honing of God-given skills and talents. Writing songs that "express the heart of God, the multi-faceted human condition and experience, as well as the connection between the two in real life" is the difference in her material. With plans to write, arrange, and produce for film, theatre, live and studio recordings, Grace is well on her way to becoming the best at what she is meant to be.

A psalmist in the true sense of the word, Phillip Ferrell II has been making music for most of his life both vocally and as a keyboardist. Displaying inherent musical abilities as early as age 4, Phillip received grassroots training through his family's church affiliation where his father functioned as soloist & choir director, and later became a minister, and finally a pastor.

As a participant in several choirs and ensembles, Phillip continued to perfect his singing and songwriting talents throughout adolescence. He began professional training at the age of 12, first studying classical music and ultimately jazz. Eventually Phillip became as fascinated with the technical aspect of creating music as he had been performing it. Consequently, he enrolled in a joint program with Long Beach City College and Long Beach State's Music Program to pursue a degree in Composition & Record Production. Since the program completion, Phillip has had many notable accomplishments.

He continues to be in demand as a guest worship leader, songwriter, and producer traveling throughout the country and abroad.

Recently both Phillip and Grace graduated from the Berklee College of Music. Phillip earned a Bachlor's degree in Songwriting and Music Production & Engineering, and Grace earned a bachelor's degree in Music Education and Contemporary Writing & Production.

They both reside minutes north of Seattle, WA, getting ready to release a stream of music from that city both individually and collectively.

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You have touched me with your music and thats the power of the LORD through you and your wonderful singing. Thank you for your music. LORD bless you and your loved ones. Uncle Mik

You have touched me with your music and thats the power of the LORD through you and your wonderful singing. Thank you for your music. LORD bless you and your loved ones. Uncle Mik

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