Cillico is a unqie musical blend of Alternative Rock, World Beat, Funk, and Latin music. Image the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lorena McKennit, Tool, Mana, and Prince having an orgy together. The sound they might produce sounds somewhat like Cillico.

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The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Marley, No Doubt, Incubus, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mana, Tori Amos and Lorenna McKennit.


Since the beginning of time, music was thought of as a powerful force which brought people of different cultures together in harmony. Never before has that been more true than with the members of Cillico. Scattered about the United States and the Caribbean Islands, the members of the experimental rock foursome intertwined their ethnic influences and personalities in Los Angeles, where they quickly became one of the most original and unique performing acts on the scene.

This is a female fronted band that refuses to sound like corporate America's Britney Spears. Cathy Immordino, a performing songwriter since a child, writes about life, love, tragedy and hope in a world which makes her feel alienated and misunderstood. Even though Cathy is a Sicillian-American, her African and Native American tribal callings bring out the hypnotic addiction people feel when they hear her sing. Born in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, she combines her charismatic personality and Southern hospitality into her every day performances.

Don't let his Latino suave appearance deceive you! Guitarist Andre Werleman, from Aruba, brings his Middle Eastern and blues influences to the group while evoking Serapes Bay, the Egyptian God of music. Witnessing his animated facial expressions and hearing his unique style are worth every penny of the admission cost.

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