Born in Louisville, KY, Chuck went to the Lincoln Jamboree in Hodgenville, KY almost every Saturday night as a kid. Chuck would grow to sing in the church choir, and eventually on the stage of the Lincoln Jamboree, in the studios of Nashville, on many stages on the East coast, and in several other countries around the world as well. Chuck wrote and recorded such songs as "Laughin' in the Lovin'", "Take Me Down", "Honky-Tonk And Two-Step Inn", "Been There Done That", "Hill Billy", "Till We Meet Again", "First Love", Seek Ye First", "Unconditional", "The Louisville Blues", and many more. Chuck is known for his uncanny Garth Brooks vocal styling and huge on-stage performances.

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None of these songs are professionally recorded. They are done in my tiny home computer studio, and just enough to get my idea across. Please don't critique that part. Just critique the song lyrics and musical concept and marketability. I know the recording and singer already suck. Ha. Thanks.
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