Chris is currently showcasing and promoting his original rock musical, Endworld. He studied drama at Kenyon College and improv comedy at Chicago City Limits with Carol Schindler. He has performed as an acoustic singer-songwriter kind of guy in North Jersey and New York City. In the 1990’s Chris worked with the acoustic duo Ramona & Christopher, and in the 2000’s with the Cris Martinez Group, featuring Big Steve and Larry M A.

In the 1980’s Chris co-founded The New York Improv Squad, and went on to perform with and musical-direct Armand Paganelli’s Falling Rock Zone, among other improv groups. He has been seen in Tom Soter’s Sunday Night Improv Jam, and in the James Toyota Outlet Infomercial, which he also co-authored. Chris has forged careers as mobile DJ and children’s entertainer, and conducts The Improv Workshop. Website: .
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