I've been playing and recording original music for a number of years. I have a small studio at home where I record most all of my music. I play guitar 4 nights a week with a couple of different bands in Oklahoma and parts of Texas. I enjoy writing melodic tunes for the guitar, especially instrumental smooth jazz compositions. I also like to write a vocal song now and then in either a rock, country or progressive genre. I have 2 CD's "Instrumental Moods" and "String Theory " for sale at cdbaby.com come by and check them out. Thanks for listening.

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I have 2 new CD's available at cdbaby.com "Instrumental Moods" and "String Theory". Come by and check them out.

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I've been playing and writing music most of my life. My main instrument is guitar which I play solo, and with a few local bands in Oklahoma and Texas. I'm a middle school science teacher by day, and also teach guitar most afternoons at a local music store in Lawton, Oklahoma. I have a small studio at home where I write and record all of my music. I'm more of an insturmentalist, love composing for guitar, but also write and sing a song now and then.

I now have 2 CD's of my my instrumental smooth jazz music available at CD baby. Come on by and check them out.

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