The streets of San Francisco better brace themselves for the latest sounds of Siege Record's recording artist SLO-O! With his newest album, Devil On My Back making it's way into the souls of every rap connoisseur on the worldwide tip, SLO-O is sure to knock 'em out!

SLO-O, born Omar Flenoid is from the Fillmore Dist in the San Francisco Bay, CA. While his first album, Game Over, was a statement of the experiences SLO-O had in his life, Devil On My Back represents the struggle trying to do positive with his music and life in general.

Each song on this album stands for a position that people in the streets hold true. Song "Phone Call" reflects & honors his mom being a soldier of spirit, doing 22 to life for her mistakes, and eventually coming out of it a stronger, more spiritual person. "My music touches your soul. I speak the pain, the strain of the streets. But not only the streets, just life." More info @
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