CHAZZ DIXON - His velvet high pitched voice is a blend of sensual r&b with an under tone of soft core jazz . . . sexual....

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Chazz now begins a new chapter in his life. A new beginning, with a new CD, produced by Dj Payday. It's Emotional Therapy (the CD) for Chazz Dixon. After releasing 8 full length CD's (for himself) and writing and assisting on numerous songs for others,
Chazz embarks on a new journey with his new CD (his 9th).

Chazz is also a veteran member of the Screen Actors Guild appearing in film and television.


Chazz Dixon is a singer/songwriter/actor. He's been performing on stage since the age of 4. His velvet high-pitched voice is a blend of sensual R&B with an under tone of soft-core jazz . . . sexual. He signed his first deal, as a writer, at the age of 17 with Gibbs Records. This association produced a, B-side, 45 single on Washington Records titled Slow Down for the band Sugar Hill
/ The First Family (1974). He also wrote songs for local hometown heroes The Esquires in addition to performing vocal duties for local bands, The Ezetts, The Courtyard Husslers (a cappella group) and Patrons of The Arts (formerly United Together). During February of 2001 he scored with the number 1 song on MP3's Urban Contemporary Chart (Remember Falling In Love) and R&B Chart. In Dec 2005 he scored the number 1 spot again. This time on MadHouz Internet radio (Chicago) with the song "Have We Lost It" from his debut cd on the Da'Soul Recordings label, BACK TO THE GROOVE. He's formed several groups through the years with an emphasis on vocals. With the help of Aki Aleong (former manager of Berry White, Mandrell, jazz man Norman Conners and Chazz) he began developing his skills. Emmy Award winner Bobby Jay (WCBS-New York/Frankie Lymons Teenagers) and wife Cynthia also lent a helping hand co-managing and producing a very young Chazz. And if that wasn't enough Harvey Fuqua (songwriter/producer/former VP Motown Records) stepped in like a big brother and helped develop the details of his stage persona . . . lights, stage, performance rider, etc. with the big help of another Motown giant, Smokey Robinson, who often allowed Chazz to travel with his band for much needed all around finishing. In 2004 Chazz was elected vice president of Da'Soul Recordings where he presently serves as senior VP. His responsibilities include heading graphic arts (cd art, photography, etc...) and signing new acts. In addition to his Da'Soul duties, Chazz continues to travel with his band, a six-piece ensemble of musicians and singers. The team has performed together both on stage and in the studio for the past 14 years. Proudly, Chazz the actor, has served on several committees in the Chicago local of the Screen Actors Guild. He's appeared in commercials, film and television. Chazz is also a published journalist, poet, photographer (he interned with Parmount stills photographer Charles Ladiscier) and print model. Chazz Dixon CD Projects available at SURRENDER - from the urban jazz masters series - hear chazz sing a round of jazz favorites and originals done his way, the da'soul way. BACK TO THE GROOVE Da' Soul Recordings presents... Back To The Groove... Chazz & his velvet high pitched voice is a blend of sensual r&b with an under tone of soft core jazz . HITSVILLE: THE HOUSE THAT BERRY BUILT Motown revisited . . . Timeless hits from the greatest hit machine of all time, the Funk Brothers, re-created by Chazz Dixon & his producer "J" at Da Soul. CRACKIN' another cd from the suductive voice of Chazz Dixon. LET ME BE THE ONE Soothing, senual soul to get your lover in the mood for some room by roome bump and grind . . . It's the perfect party mixer.

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