Cesar Records, Inc. was founded in 2006 in Los Angeles, California by Conor Gilligan. Cesar Records specializes in professional music production for film, radio and television. All music is pre-cleared and 100% owned and controlled by the company. Cesar Records music can be found on television networks such as MTV, FOX, VH1, The Travel Channel, Oxygen, NBC and A&E, as well as, in the upcoming motion picture, "Premature."

Conor Gilligan is a music producer, trained engineer and life-long musician. His sound is Pop, Hip Hop and R&B, with a hint of Rock, Funk, Dance, Soul and Jazz. He uses live instrumentation and blends it with a modern sound.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, would like to inquire about licensing, or are interested in collaborating on a project.

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Production Volume 4 from Cesar Records, Inc. - January 2014 - Released
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hey CESAR RECORDS--thanxs for the review of my song--CAR LOT BLUES--had a lot of fun with that one--HECK--it might even be a great RAP song--ya never know!--see ya--nj.

Thank you for the review of my song "FIGHT", but all the sounds I use are Real, NOT!! Synthetic. That is the why it has a big epic sound!! But since we are both out here in LA, how about you come to my studio and lay down some Guitar Rifts?? lol.. Have a nice day..

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