CC Sound Factory began as vocalist in NY alterna-rock bands then picked up rather impressive production chops, started DJing (currently ranked Top 100 in the DJList) and turned into an electronic act!

Named BEST DANCE ACT(Solo) at Asia Indie Music Awards AVIMA 2009, winner of 4 magazine awards at Toronto Exclusive Awards including BEST ELECTRONIC SONG & BEST ELECTRONIC ALBUM, CC also bagged BEST MUSIC VIDEO at DigiFestival in Italy. Been featured on "She Grooves Radio Hour" Show in NY on 88.9 FM & Unsigned Music Mag's "The Best of..Indie Radio Show", topping charts at KWCR. Music used in commercials: Toyota (Moving Forward), Olympus, Formula One (Powerboat), Jacques Dessange, Watsons & in compilations: "Sound Of Style", "MMC10 Dance 2006" & "Amsterdam Dance Event '06 Dance Express".

Featured on influential electronic music webzine 365 Mag as "making waves as a crossover artist", UK Music Search states CC is "definitely one to watch very closely in the future".

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Currently ranked in the prestigious DJ List(, CC Sound Factory continues to churn out music both behind the decks and in front of them.


CC SOUND FACTORY is essentially CC and her many many machines! Most people think CC tells her machines what to do but's the other way around.

Causing a stir in the contemporary electronica scene, Singapore-born CC started as a vocalist with a couple of New York indie rock bands that performed in the vibrant downtown Manhattan arts scene. Quite by chance she landed herself a DJ gig and found herself djing for the next year or so at exclusive parties and afterhours, a couple of New York clubs and numerous fashion and art gallery events. With a command of dance dynamics, coupled with her vivacious personality, CC has been known to create intense dance atmospheres that keep the crowds RAVING on for hours!

When her last band disbanded right after their last gig, however, CC decided that she wasn't about to wait around for the right people. She was going to find the right MACHINES! And that's what happened... She got behind console and computer, picked up some rather impressive production chops and churned out her first track, "So Shiok", which was released as a single in the US/UK underground dance scene in the summer of 2007. It garnered favorable reviews and piqued the interest of more than a few. ("A hybrid cross genre...turning a lot of ears..."- Michael Bordash, Internet DJ; "CC Sound Factory looks set for big things and this release is a great sleazy dancefloor release." -Track It Down).

A DJ-Producer-Songstress, CC has been described as a cross between experimental Icelandic singer Bjork and trendsetting electronica genius Moby ("Her sound is a complete mix between Bjork and Moby!" states Bobby Borg, author of 'The Musician's Handbook'). Her sound "references ...more so than anyone, the smart dance sounds of Sneaker Pimps" (WhisperinandHollerin).

With the release of "Shiok Waves" (2008), veteran UK reviewer, Toxic Pete, states that "CC is not yer run-of-the-mill electro DJ/producer". At times heady and at times exuberantly head-nodding, CC's propelling percussive rhythms drive you through a myriad of sonic textures. Her work "combines all the usual pulsating, trance-inducing electro beats and soaring, intoxicating electronica but infused therein there's often a gritty indie attitude - experimentation within experimentation - layers within layers forming Bjork-like soundscapes that retain dance-ability and pop sensibility but tease the senses with originality and aural juxtaposition. CC has a way with voices and vocals and instrumental dynamics that sets her apart from many of her electronica contemporaries." ( Her songs "weld together dancefloor beats with ambient textures while seducing the listener with her bewitching vocals..." (RBFanzine)

Named BEST DANCE ACT (Solo) at the Asia Indie Music Awards AVIMA 2009, winner of 4 magazine awards in the "Toronto Exclusive Awards" including "Best Electronic Song" and "Best Electronic Album" for the international category, CC also bagged "Best Music Video" at "DigiFestival" in Italy, emerging tops over 80 international entries. Enjoying airplay on the Magma Fm Syndication Dance Radio Show in Italy, CC has also been featured on the "She Grooves Radio Hour" Show in NY on 88.9 fm and Unsigned Music Mag's "The Best of...Indie Radio Show", topping the charts at KWCR. This electronic maverick has also scored scores of commercials, amongst them Toyota (Moving Forward), Olympus, Formula One (F1 Powerboat), Jacques Dessange and Watsons. Her work has appeared in compilations like the "Sound Of Style Vol I", "MMC10 Dance 2006" CD, "ADE '06 Dance Express" (Amsterdam) CD, as well as the New Music Series 2007.

Featured on the influential electronic music webzine 365 Mag as "making waves as a crossover artist from Singapore" with her debut EP album "Shiok Waves", UK Music Search states, CC is "definitely one to watch very closely in the future".

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