Music is one of the best way to communicate emotions, feelings, ideas even. Having worked many years at perfecting her composing musically, she continues to work at improving her skills and writing of music and working out new sounds and new ways of creating music.

Her view is that music is universal and can break through barriers and considerations. With music alone someone can enjoy living life even more.

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Just completed and released my next album called "The Surrealist". This is a very special album which covers wild variety of styles and fields. Each piece is a story unique in its own right. Some are about forgotten stories from long ago, others cover completely current matters that have been the subject of many discussions in the medias. So there is plenty for anyone who has interest in the new uncharted waters of completely creative and unique music.

New Impressionism

In searching for new ways to communicate concepts and ideas using the media of music the composer has worked relentlessly at improving what she has been producing.

It all started for her a long time ago and with the advent of synthesizers and computer technology new horizons opened up not possible before.

Her music has been heard all over the world and her style being unique had her recognized as one of the most creative composers of this day. Several of her titles were successfully used with videos and in audio/visual medias. These titles include:" The Art of Flight", " A New Dawn", "Open Letter to Japan", "I told you so much" and much more.

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