Cat Dail New EP: Fight for Love

In the short span of nearly 30 minutes, these 7 songs traverse wild landscapes and private horizons, addressing personal and social pains and pleasures.

Is it Blues? Funk? Rock? Soul? Folk? Yes. It's Indie Music from talented musicians with broad range & big Love. It's funky rockin soulful indie groove with a female point of view, deep pocket, velvety vox, firm spine. It's award-winning songwriting and hip-shaking mind-blowing performance! Produced, recorded & mixed by Teddy Kumpel Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC Cat Dail: vocals, guitar, percussion Teddy Kumpel: guitars, bass, percussion, backing vocals, midi-keys Shawn Pelton: drums Featuring: Clark Gayton: trombone on "Flow Zone" Steven Bernstein: slide trumpet on "Flow Zone" Andy Erin: keys on "She Can Fly" Coyote: coyote on "Molly & Matchbox 18"Fight

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The Wonder Reviews

"At their first show, the greatness was apparent. This is the most fab Cat Dail sound yet! I totally believe in the songs - strong, authentic & beautiful in every way - mmm, sounds like Cat!"

" 'All My Life' has taken ALL of my attention, not to mention the sly wink of a cover, 'Josie'! WELL DONE!I hope to report about some of the other songs once I stop spiinin' 'All My Life' non-stop. Cat Dail & The Magnets ROCK!!!!!!!!!!"

"I got THE WONDER - GOOD!!! I especially like 'Come Around', and love 'Reckless', and think that parts of 'All My Life' are very Paul Simoney. Nice work, Cat Dail & the Magnets!!"

"First of all, still listening to The Wonder and singing along. Love it. Second, I got to see the CD. It looks amazing. So beautiful. And Cat is F*ING HOT. Really. Gorgeous."

"Even though it was their first gig, and the sound at 78 Below sucked, (you could tell that even greats like Teddy Kumpel were struggling in that poorly re-designed stage area), Cat Dail & the Magnets gave a fantastic performance of their amazing new songs. I loved it!"

Contest Recognition for Cat Dail

Billboard Song Contest

Musician Best Unsigned Band Contest

Yamaha Music Production Contest

Independent Music Awards, Album and Songwriting Contests

Great American Song Contest, Lyrics Award

Madison Area Music Awards (MAMA), Wish You Were Here category

Cat Dail Reviews

"Music as infectious as it is insightful"
- Downtown Resident

"Memorable melodies, compelling lyrics and one hell of a groove!"
- Pitch Weekly

"This band is on to something good and good for you."
- Soundviews

"Guaranteed to put you in a festive mood!" - Pop Sunday Newsletter

"A magical, marketable, musical philosophy: Fun!"
- Dartmouth Magazine

"The cousins' music is folk, funk and rock all mixed together. Kickin'!"
- Kansas City Star

"Rhythmic sounds, electrifying energy, down-home beat, and fun!"
- Villager

"A soulful home brew of all the great rock themes. Just cool! What more do you want?"
- Circus

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