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Cali Jonez fell in love with rap music the first time he heard it. The song was Scarface's "Never Seen A Man Cry". From the moment he put the single in his tape player he had finally found something that he could understand and apply to his life. Cali Jonez has always loved the songs and artists that say something rather than just talk about their belongings. For years Cali Jonez wrote poems and finally in 1999 decided he would begin putting some of those poems together to put out an album... Three years later that album would drop being self produced and personally backed. The CD might have sold 10 copies. This did not stop Cali Jonez from believing that he was on the right road in his life. In late 2002 Cali Jonez finally started to shine in Savannah Georgia. Things looked as if they would take off. He got on the radio (E93 JAMZ) and won Freestyle Friday and he was doing shows around Savannah and Ft. Stewart. Early in 2003 he would have to put his dream of rapping and producing on hold; he was being deployed to Iraq with 3rd Squadron 7th Cavalry 3rd Infantry Division. His mission sounded simple "move to kuwait to stand by for a possible regime change in Iraq." For eight months Cali Jonez would fight to return home to his daughter and his dream. August 27 2003 Cali Jonez returned to America. After being home for a few months he realized it was time to get back to making music. Cali Jonez, again, started to get radio time, shows, even an independent record deal and a second place finish in the Army Arts Festival for a song he did everything on including the beat.. Even with this momentum another trip to Iraq would not wait. January of 2005 Cali Jonez found himself back in the land he swore never to return to. For the next year he would try from Iraq to get himself heard. While there he almost scored a spot with MTV and got a chance to meet (V.I.P.) with Toby Kieth. All the while this just made Cali Jonez more eager to get back to the states to further his previous success. Once back from Iraq Cali Jonez went at his music head first. Since returning Cali Jonez has performed for Foxy 105 out of Columbus Georgia and even began to intern at a local recording studio called The Loft. His next release yet to be titled is expected to do real well. With songs like, "Warrior PT2", and "Feel The Birth", it's no wonder why people are talking. So grab on to your seats because the ride in no way stops here. This is only the beginning of what Hip-Hop has been needing. CALI JONEZ!!!


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