Artist John Hitchcock's Bury the Hatchet shares the past and present of the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma through visual Art and sound performance about the American Frontier. Bury the Hatchet explores the intersection between cultures through the land, language, and the visual symbols of the Great Plains - the epicenter for Plains tribal culture. The basis for Bury the Hatchet revolves around the relationship between the Fort Sill Military Base (Lawton, Oklahoma), The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Reserve, Medicine Park, Oklahoma and his family's Comanche Tribal Land off of State Highway Forty-Nine, Oklahoma. Through oral history and music, the Bury the Hatchet music recording intertwines storytelling and Kiowa & Comanche songs with soundscapes of steel guitar, cello, clarinet, accordion and guitars. Bury the Hatchet challenges the romanticized version of the American Frontier (Wild West themes) in combination with current conditions.

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The Album and set of letterpress prints will be released in partnership with Sunday Night Records:


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over 30 days ago to John Hitchcock

Way to go on these tunes John!

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