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Characterized as dramatic, sexy, and a bit cheeky, BRITT DALEY is a Florida grown Indie ElectroPop Artist. With an eclectic style, she blends pop, singer/songwriter, and electronic elements to craft songs ranging from bass heavy indie dance tracks to synth-driven, melodic ballads. Her music, percussive and soaring, is artfully fused together with her classically trained voice and flare for theatrics.

Influenced by female songstresses such as Annie Lennox, Björk, and Tori Amos, along with synthpop groups such as Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, and Tears For Fears she has created her own unique sound and style.

Britt currently lives in Orlando where she finds herself surrounded by enormous oak trees, cobblestone streets, hipsters, hippies, and the occasional chicken.

Her self-titled EP was released November 25, 2011. Previous releases include "UNSUPERVISED" EP released on October 21, 2010 - followed by her single, "Never Done This" in January 2011.

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