Brian Stace, The Blue Eyes of Country, is a full package of Star Quality Talent, Style and Drive. Brian's vocals range from Honky Tonk to Rock & Roll. There is really something for everyone, from the die hard Blue Grass and Country fans, to the lovers of Rock, Pop and Acid Jazz.

Brian Stace Bio

It took a near fatal plane crash to get Brian Stace off his corporate duff and start pursuing his lifelong dream of a country music career, but the down home—and more than a bit rockin'--Wisconsin-bred singer/songwriter is making up for lost time and quickly laying claim to Nashville.

In 2004, Stace was also greatly encouraged by the response to Country Music Ain't Noise Pollution , his self-released album that received scattered airplay in the U.S. and as far yonder as Europe. This combined with thumbs-up reviews for his live gigs at such hot music dives as Los Angeles' Crazy Horse and Key Club (where he opened for four time Grammy-winning country legend Junior Brown) led him to recently ink a deal with top Nashville based manager Bernard Porter (whose clients include Joe Diffie). Stace also got back into the studio in a major way this time with Kent Wells and Tony Smith, the famed Nashville production team of Two Monkeys Productions.

Stace promises that his Nashville debut includes his own songwriting amidst tracks by some of the city's best composers, along with an overall slightly different feel from the first. “That first one had a more traditional country vibe, but I thought it would be fun this time to get a little more rockin',” he says. “A couple of the songs also have a Caribbean flavor, which is cool. I'm making fun music that will hopefully get people to dance, something of a mix between old school and the more aggressive new country rock style.” Apparently Stace's approach is working already as “I Don't Wanna Wish I Had,” the initial single from the album (written by Bob DiPiero, Scott Parker & James Otto) is already off to a fast start at country radio. Not to mention the track sums up his whole take-charge philosophy of life.

In tune with the theme of this song, he can pinpoint one crucial moment above all others which changed him from a frustrated guy stuck in a corporate rut to this new Urban Cowboy some think is equipped to become one of country's next big performers. In 2001, he happened to be on the Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Burbank that overshot the short runway in the rain and ultimately crashed into a gas station outside the airport.

“During those moments before we came to a stop, I believe everyone on board thought they were going to die,” he says. “I took a deep breath and woke up the next day, asking myself if I was doing what I was supposed to be doing with my life. There are a few different points in one's life that inspires this kind of re-evaluation, and this was mine.”

Stace is a charismatic performer whose presence translates easily to other mediums, especially television. After she heard his homegrown CD, Jane Velez Mitchell invited him to guest star on her cooking show with Marie Odser, which airs on the Food & Health network and is seen in 24 million homes across America. That's a long way from the farming communities of Wisconsin, where Stace, a classic blue-collar kid, found his first job was milking cows. Later, pursuing two parallel careers, he became a successful entrepreneur in real estate (buying, selling, remodeling and fixing up houses) and as the owner of a healthcare company, overseeing many employees.

“The first country song I ever learned to sing all the way through was Garth Brooks' ‘Friends in Low Places,' which I learned during a drive to Minneapolis,” he adds. “Then, seven years ago, I met Garth Brooks on the set of a video he was making for a song he wrote about the Oklahoma City Bombing. Despite his success, he was one of the nicest men I'd ever met. There's just something very genuine about this lifestyle, and people are singing and living from their hearts. Over the past few years, I have loved being in front of people, entertaining them, seeing their smiles. I wake up every day wanting to do just that. I'm really excited about everything that's happening, and about getting on the road when my new album comes out.”

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