I have a passion for writing and performing in various styles and genres. My Most recent projects have been writing country music to pitch to record labels and recording artists.
A second avenue in my musical endeavors is ambient music. I love creating soundscapes and mood enhancement music. I write and perform 100 percent of my own ambient songs and am looking for a label to market my songs through. If you are interested in my work please email me at nathanbb@hotmail.com.

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Brent's song "Come on daddy" is currently played on France’s Music Box radio 92.8 FM, also playing on its world-wide web radio.
ZemZada, quite an unusual name. Where did it originate?

This has become a very popular question. ZemZada??? What's that?
I wrote a song a few years ago called "My Baby's Asleep" As I was laying down the vocal tracks I sang a scat vocal that sounded like "ZemZada" My wife Michelle (who I was dating at the time) and also my close friend Bruce Baker who plays much of the guitar work on my projects both suggested that ZemZada would be a cool band name. Since then we gave "ZemZada" a definition and now it means "poetic resonance".
You won't find it in any dictionary but I like the way it looks and sounds. I write so many different styles of music and some of it is hard to classify in any genre so I figured an abstract name would be fitting. But really at heart I am just Brent.


Born and raised in Washington I grew up with influences in classical, country, rock, jazz and new age. My favorites range from Sting,Pink Floyd,Clapton, Supertramp, Depeche Mode and Coldplay to Patrick Ohearn, Sarah Brightman, Bob James, Andreas Vollenweider, and the list just keeps going..... If the artist is full of passion and artistic creativity then I probably like it.

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