Musician Biography - Brandon Cam

Brandon Campbell was born in 1970 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He now resides
in Centennial, Colorado (a suburb of Denver).

Although Brandon did not begin to study the guitar until the age of 18, he
was introduced to music study at an early age. His Mother, Judy,
encouraged Piano lessons at age 7 and throughout Junior High School
Brandon played the Cello.

Brandon's earliest guitar influence was the music of Buddy Holly. From
there he learned from listening to players including Ritchie Blackmore, Ace
Frehley, Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen. Though he
loved the "Neo-Classical" guitar music born in the 1980's He will be the
first to tell you that He just cannot play all those lightning fast guitar solos.

Brandon's musical abilities matured when He attended college. While there,
He studied Classical Guitar and the wealth of compositions left to us by the
Classical Masters. Sometimes He would go to the library to "read"
symphonic scores like others do a novel.

After surviving a couple of serious childhood illnesses, Brandon led a
"normal" life until about 10 years ago. In 1999 He was diagnosed with
Ataxia (a family of conditions that destroy parts of the Nervous System).

Brandon's future plans include producing more music and, His other love,

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