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Bradley Fish ? Bio

Bradley Fish is currently based in Jerusalem, Israel -- and just finished his 3rd CD of loops and royalty free music for Sony. Currently Bradley is enjoying creating new music, and producing artists in Jerusalem, including Fox News Anchorman Mike Tobin.

Bradley holds a B.A. degree in guitar from Northern Illinois University, where he studied with jazz guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque and gained exposure to a plethora of instructors and styles of music from around the world and across time. After debuting as street musician, Bradley eventually toured colleges and played clubs, festival, theatre, coffeehouse gigs -- primarily across the Midwest USA.

Fish performed original solo dulcimer music with the Call for Peace Drum and Dance Company in Germany and at the Closing ceremony of The Parliment of The World's Religions in Grant Park, Chicago for over 35,000 people following a speech by the Dalai Lama. He also turned down a gig in Rome, Italy last year with the same troupe to play for all of the former Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Bradley has endorsement deals with and thanks the following great international companies:

- Martin Guitars
- Pintech USA
- Oscar Schmidt
- Echo Audio
- House of Willowbrook
- Minarik Guitars
- Ableton
- Presonus Audio

Sugarcubes/Bjork drummer Siggi Baldursson of Iceland produced and played on Bradley's debut CD, The Aquarium Conspiracy. Recently Fish has had the opportunity to jam and record with a few well known Israeli rock stars. In the USA, Bradley has shared the stage with many nationally and internationally known acts including:

? Hot Tuna (Members of Jefferson Airplane)
? Big Brother and The Holding Co. (Janis Joplin's backing band)
? Merl Saunders Rainforest Band*** (Jerry Garica/Greatful Dead collaborator)
? Richie Havens (Woodstock legend)
? Jazz Mandolin Project (Phish Phriends)
? Poi Dog Pondering
? Willy Porter Band*** (Check him out)
? John Renbourne (of Pentangle)
? Dos FX (Hip Hop legends)
? Siggi Baldursson (drummer Sugarcubes/Bjork)***
? Flaw
? Fareed Haque*** (Awesome Jazz/World Fusion)
? New Riders of the Purple Sage (Jerry Garcia collaborators)
? The Big Wu*** (Hard Touring Jam Band)
? Reptile Palace Orchestra*** (Pan-Ethnic World Fusion)
? Natty Nation*** (Madtown Reggae legends)
? Utah Phillips (Ani DiFranco collaborator)
? Billy Pilgrim***
? Boiled in Lead***
? The Drovers
***Bradley jammed on stage w/ these bands

Thanks for Reading! Bradley's future Bio is being lived and created as we speak!

Israeli Credits

Bradley has already recorded on sessions with the following top Israeli artists:

-Rami Kleinstein
-Yehuda Poliker
-Bentsy Gafny (Bassist for "Rita")
-Jean Paul Zimbriss (Drummer for "Haverim Shel Natasha")

--Bradley Fish & Friends played the headlining set to amazing response at the Jacob's Ladder (Sulam Yaakov) festival on the Kineret in Northern Israel.


Available for tracking electric/acoustic Guitars and dulcimers, Chinese and German zithers, sitar, banjo, guitar synth, Vocals & MORE!!!!

Send Bradley a rough mix and a description of what you want via snail mail or e-mail! Recorded 16 or 24 bit digitally in his home studio!!! Sent back to you on CD or ftp over the interenet!

Contact: for prices/availbility.

Pro Clients include: Sony Digital Pictures, Apple Computers/Garage Band, Waves Audio

Music Coaching & Private Lessons

Bradley Fish is an expert instructor who has taught over 1,000 students how to play the guitar and other instruments -- with unparalleled enthusiasm.

Combining a B.A. degree in music, 20 years of teaching and extensive pro tourng and recording experience, Bradley teaches YOU what YOU want to learn in a comfortable environment with access to fully stocked recording studio.

Let Bradley take you miles beyond typical private music lessons -- into the area of musical coaching! Hear yourself recorded, watch videos of yourself playing, and more. Find what motivates you and what it will take to succeed! A MUST for aspiring musicians!

Bradley Teaches:
-All LEVELS/STYLES of Electric/Acoustic GUITAR
-Electric Bass
-Dulcimer (Mountain/Lap/Appalachian Dulcimer)
-Vocals (Rock, etc.)
-5 string Banjo
-Chinese Zither
-Beginning Drum Set & West African Drums
-Music Theory
-Ear Training
-Music Business/Career Coaching
-Production in the Recording Studio & Your Computer
-Small Groups -- Rock 101 and more!!!

In Israel: 02-623-6925

Bradley offers something special - students learn better, faster and have more fun.

Student Testimonial:

A Fish in Jerusalem Waters
I just wanted to say music lessons with Bradley Fish are awesome! He has an eye for pinpointing where your weaknesses lie (and I certainly have a few) and is supportive in correcting them. Moreover, he's willing to tread untread waters which is how I started playing slide blues on the 4 equidistant string banjomer. My only regret is too little, to late as we had only just begun before I had to take my leave. He is also very strong with guitar and even banjo lessons, so if you're thinking of taking the plunge, I can only say that his prices are compatible with those I've encountered in the states. But most of all, I can say it is just plain fun. That's what music's about as far as I'm concerned. And he has a serious recording studio in case you get cocky. Check out
or call 02-623-6925 for details.
--JudiRuth Ganchrow
***Please note that Bradley is now located in Jerusalem, Israel!!! In the USA/Canada, lessons ARE available via Toll-Free phone/webcam.
-Additional students (Group lessons) are HALF PRICE.
-Students must stay pre-paid by at least one lesson
-48 hour advance notice is required to reschedule a lesson

Producing YOUR music

Turn your dream of creating a CD of your music into a reality!!!!

Bradley is your producer, co-writer, session musician, recording engineer and marketing/career coach -- all in 1 - or any of the above!

Work in Bradley's Mac/Logic based home studio with the highest quality musical instruments and gear -- and player/producer backing you up!!!

Turn out great music in any style in Bradley's home studio with as much (or little) of his guidance as you need! Bradley is constantly increasing his musical production skills and accessing new technology.

Bradley Fish 02-623-6925 (Israel)

Recording Tips - Part 1

Some of my clients are relatively new to the recording process. Its exciting to watch people?s eyes light up as their musical fantasy becomes a reality!

I combine the role of the session musician, the engineer and the producer. This saves my clients studio time, typically cutting production costs by half or more.

Still, if you are unprepared, the costs can add up. I've written this to help you get the most out of your recording experience and your recording budget.

I?ve read that for ANY kind of project, one should estimate the time needed and then double or triple it. Musical projects are no exception. Here are tips to help you get the best results in the shortest time:

-If you sing and play guitar or keyboard, practice your tunes with a metronome or drum machine. Write down the song tempos. Ideally, pre-record them at a home ? even on a cheap tape recorder. Critique your playing and then record it again! Come in with new strings/drum heads and tuned up, or use one of my high ? end musical instruments!

Try to pre-book sessions (Typically, call 1-2 weeks ahead) so that you have long enough blocks of time. 5 hours is a good stretch for a solo artist, depending on the work at hand and the person. Some people prefer longer or shorter. Find your work groove.

If you are a singer who doesn?t play an instrument or are relying on me to help develop your music, remember that there will be some time spent interpreting and arranging your songs. Bring your lyrics, melodies and any pre-recorded ideas. Give us an hour or so to decide how tune should go, then take an hour to make a simple demo and listen at home for improvements to make.

Think of what you want for the arrangement (intro, breaks, instrumentation, harmonies, etc). If you are going for something very specific, bring in example music to give us something to work towards.

When recording, get it right, now ? depending on the track, we can probably loop your guitar, tune your vocals, or try fix whatever it was in the mix, but its usually quickest to do another take and nail it now, live! So, practice those parts!

?So, How long does it take??????

Ahhh? the ultimate question?

This really depends the tune, what its for (commercial radio mix or your Mom) ? and on YOU!!! Ulitmately, you can contact me for an estimate...but to give you some idea...

For a typical demo, once a song is in finished form, we'll work fast -- figure a half hour to an hour per track to get a sound, set up the mic, create a part, listen and critique, and do it again. Some artists prefer me to jam on their tracks with maybe a simple direction ("play something jazzy"). They love it and its quick. Some artists have something more specific in mind. If that?s you, the better you can explain what you want (with sheet music or demo recordings or just singing parts to me), the quicker this will go. This process of creating the demo or sheet music will make you confront and edit your own ideas before we attempt them. Singing the idea to me will work almost as quickly as long as you really know what you want and where.

Note: while simple loops can come together quickly, programming elaborate MIDI drum tracks or creating tracks made of loops can take longer - set aside a few hours for those perfect and modern sounding parts!

A typical major label song mix might take 12 hours. Some bands spend much longer on a mix! However, to get it done quickly, give yourself a minimum of 2 hours for a fully produced song for a demo. Expect to spend 3-4 hours to get a pretty good mix depending on the tune. If you want to compete with the big boys for commercial radio, etc, we'll want to bring a mix engineer into the studio as a second pair if ears.

Note: A simple arrangement (i.e. just acoustic guitar and vocal) can be recorded AND mixed much quicker!!!

Recording Tips - Part 2

More Recording tips:

Book a session to record and mix an acoustic demo of your songs!! Then critique them!! A good song should stand on its own with just an acoustic guitar and vocal. You might do something with the "unplugged" version later.

Remember that making changes during the process ? changing the tempo, adding or subtracting a measure here and there, etc takes time! Try to make these decisions ahead of time or after doing the acoustic demo. Then again, as long as its within your budget, don't be afraid to make those changes - they might be needed!

If you are on a fixed budget, tell me what it is, The more time we have, the more open we can be to experimenting and trying creative ideas.

I was a music teacher long before I got into recording. If you need help setting tempos, working up guitar parts, making sure lyrics flow and grooves are pumpin' - hit me up for a few music lessons before the project begins. In the long run, it will save you time and money in the studio and you'll feel more confident going in!

Real life successful example:
Average 4 hours / song ? (5 song demo/EP in 20 hours.)

Jared wanted to return to London with a demo/EP. He planned to use the disc to start booking pub gigs around the college scene, attract musicians to play his material and to sell at live shows.

Jared came in alone for 5 hour blocks of time so that we could work efficiently. Using a home recorder and metronome, he had worked out his acoustic guitar and vocal parts ahead of time, and usually nailed them in a few takes. His guitar was tuned, w/ new strings, and he sang well. He didn?t have musical charts for me but the songs were pretty simple in structure. One song was solo acoustic and went quickly. On the rest, I added simple MIDI drums, bass and a lead guitar or dulcimer part. We mixed fast for a good overall sound without trying to be absolutely perfect. I burned the tracks to CD so Jared can have someone do a more intensive re-mix in the future, if needed.

If you can, pre-produce on your home computer system or multi-track recorder. What is pre-production? Actually, THIS is probably pre-production. On a major label, an artist will go through a process like we've been describing to get his tune ready, and then re-do it, better! Most independent artists don?t have this luxury, so save your tracks for future re-mixing and realize that this is a part of the process! If you sign a deal, you will likely re-record all this with the advantage of having already been through the process!

Most artists come in here pretty relaxed, and are great to work with. We go as fast as we can while staying creative and lucid. Music is an art and it works best when you chill! The multi-tasking involved in wearing multiple hats (Session musician/Producer/Engineer) can be intense!

Typically, I might be tuning up the guitar for the upcoming track while we?re evaluating to the bass track we just did and watching the levels simultaneously!

So, if my client is tweaking out because they didn?t do their homework and are running out of time, (or can?t really afford to be working in the studio in the first place) it?s counterproductive. This document should help you avoid that situation!

Remember to budget for your project going overtime and stay focused on doing what you can (practice, pre-production) before you walk into the studio. Please don?t bring up money during the session. Everything should be pre-paid and worked out before the session and if necessary, afterwards. I will do my upmost to keep things moving quickly.

I try to walk and/or work out physically before long recording days and I recommend you do the same, if possible. Come in with positive energy to share and the results will always be better!!!!

Finally, have fun! This is your opportunity to experience what it feels like to do music in the studio. Enjoy it and look at it as a growing and learning experience.

Recording - Part 3 (Checklists)

As a final note, it is totally ok and even encouraged to use me as a session musician who happens to have a studio, and then take your tracks elsewhere to track vocals, etc. I can interface with any kind of studio and burn and import .wav files, etc.

(Some of these may not apply or be possible for you, but do what you can!):

-Lyric sheets - ideally with with chord changes, tempo
-Exact chord charts or sheet music
(i.e.: //: Am7 / D9 G13 / Cmaj7 / % :// )
-CD/mp3 of any rough recordings of your song(s), ideally with keyboard or guitar.
-Your instrument with new strings/heads, tuned.
-CD/mp3s of music you want to emulate either musically or sonically (optional)
-Realistic budget in mind ? roughly map out the project
-A healthy, fun, relaxed attitude.

What NOT to bring
- Your friends (Play it for them afterwards!)
- Drugs/Alcohol
- Stress

Want to discuss your project?
Feel Free to contact me:

Bradley Fish
02-623-6925 (Israel)
1-877-471-1378 (Toll Free USA)

  • Member Since: 2004


Hey Bradley! We're in the top 10 Israel together right now - my Nashville version of "I'm Giving You Everything" is up there by yours. (btw, my current co-writer liked your guitar playing better on your original!) How are you? Keep in touch for G-d's sake! Good news to share, hope same by you.

This guy rocks! Bradley is an incredible instrumentalist and can nail just the right tracks for your songs! His amazing guitar tracks led one of our songs to #1 and top ten in 7 genres here on Broadjam, and 2 other songs also went #1 and top ten. Couldn't have done it without you Bradley. Thanks again!

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