Dr. Bradford Howard Jr. is an Award Winning Songwriter/Spoken Word Music Artist and Promoter.He has written Songs that have become popular in both the USA/other countries and also topped the Charts. Dr Howard has also Promoted Artists, Who have either Won Awards or Who have been nominated for Awards. For more info., please go to My Website at bradgreatgospel.net or call cell 860-816-1022 or 860-403-0422 or go to Awardwinning31 or Asincerefaith both on Twitter or Doc Bradford Howard Jr on Facebook. Dennis Grady, Who has Sang My Songs, is an Award Winning Producer , Singer and Songwriter at IWGC Productions(I will God Can)

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Since 2013 until now 2018, It has been Amazing the popularity for My Songs.I have also received 2 Lifetime Achievement Awards, 3 Extraordinary Person Awards,1 Pioneer Award and 1 Radio Award.

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Let Me assist You in getting the exposure that You need at 860-816-1022 or at bradgreatgospel.net

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Dr Howard along with Dennis Grady have seen their Music become popular in both the USA and in other Countries. Their new Cd Being Perfected by God features 2 new Songs. They are Striving for Perfection and Keeping Clean.Both Songs were written by Dr Bradford Howard Jr and Dennis Grady. Keeping it Clean was Sung by Dennis Grady. Striving for Perfection was Sung by Dennis Grady with Dr Bradford Howard Jr featured with the Spoken Word. Previous Songs by this Duo of Dr Bradford Howard Jr and Dennis Grady have enjoyed success on the Music Charts. For more info. on our Music , You can call Me at 860-816-1022, Fax 860-920-5218 or visit My Website at bradgreatgospel.net.

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I want to thank all for their support

I want to thank all for their support

Thanks to all of You ,l I m drawing more and more Acclaim at misternevertoobusy.com and at bradgreatgospel.net and at Instagram @doc.bradfordhoward and at e-mail bradgreatgospel@brdgretgospel.net and at Asincerefaith and wardwinning31 both on Twitter

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Clean Clean

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