Australian Bowie Jane (25) has broken free and shed her lawyer skin to party and rock the stage. After three years of being a lawyer by day (much to the pleasure of her parents) and a singer/songwriter secretly performing five nights a week by night (her parents didn't know!), Bowie Jane has thrown away the clothes and glasses to release her edgy pop songs to the world.
Her songs show a girl who is ballsy, bashful, wild, energetic, angry yet confused. The songs presented are essentially diary entries - "I learnt classical piano for seven years and ever since i've been songwriting and telling my story by performing my songs. I've basically grown up on stage. I frikin love rocking out!"

Bowie Jane has been working hard on her new songs to be released in June. She has performed extensively around Australia with her band and has supported many top Australian artists on stages to thousands. Heading to the USA and UK in August, Bowie's now living her true SKINN.
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