Yeah, you might have seen me pummelling my way down the I5, or vegetating in rush hour traffic on the Ventura freeway, Or seen me soaking in a hotspring just out of Oakridge, OR seen me play at the E String in Vegas, ORRR seen me crawl upstairs to the main deck aboard the M.V. Coho for some air.....All I know is that I'm just trying to stay sane in the thick of it all and remember to believe in myself. Come and join me - we can do it together and beat this crazy rap.

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Having lost his way in the music business 'shmoozy' side of things, with the end result netting in a loss of soul and direction, Borys buried his passion and 13 years passed before a re-emergence occured.
Inspired by a loving, committed relationship that produced new additions to the worlds future, the need to provide for the tribe through means that weren't inline with Borys' life philosophies produced a kettle of creativity that he is only starting to realize.
Borys' hopes for these songs are to reach out and connect with people and give hope and inspiration that if YOU think 'it' is looking pretty hopeless you're not alone and that together, WE'LL make that difference that's needed!!

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Clean Clean

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