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New EP - Bardo, now available on iTunes!

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Reformed in 2006, Bone Dry System (Charlie Hill - Guitar, Dave Leitch - Bass, Jason Nute - Drums, Kristian Pedersen - Vocals, Guitar) have established themselves as one of Boston's must hear/see bands.

Drawing inspiration from various musical styles, Bone Dry System has never fit neatly into one particular musical category. Combining pure power with a blend of both aggressive & subtle melody are key factors within the foundation of Bone Dry System's songwriting.

With the release of their new EP Bardo (featuring the single "Take Her Home") combined with an aggressive touring schedule, Bone Dry System has their work cut out for them for 2009.

The band has matured but the members have managed to stay true to themselves. They've never tried to follow trends or sound like anyone else besides Bone Dry System...listen for yourself.

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