Finally a musician, who truly honors the contours of a melody, and explores every rhythmic back-beat. His creative instrumental virtuosity, combined with high tenor vocal talents and grace, has led him to be one of the best bass players and singers in the Bay Area. Blas Moya is obviously one of the best versatile musicians. It is evident as soon as he lifts his voice to sing, while playing his bass guitar. The music of his R&B roots - Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Al Jarraeu, and styles like Charlie Wilson have not only brought Blas to this point, but have informed his own style in a way that makes him unique. Born and raised in Spain, Blas Moya spent his years developing his musical talent with local musicians and bands. He has played with many great artists in Nevada, Arizona and now California.

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Blas is a creative artist that loves to mix R&B, Rock, Soul and Jazz in every musical opportunity. Looking to colaborate with others that use Digidesign and Pro Tools. I am a decent singer with many styles, plus my main instrument is bass, but utilize midi-guitar and sound modules to create 70's type music style. I would love to collaborate with others.

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