Ken Lee's music has appeared in numerous TV shows ("Felicity" "Pimp My Ride," "Road Rules," and "My Super Sweet 16"), independent films, and documentary films shown in museums internationally. Ken was one of three featured composers in the American Composers Forum's 14th Composer's Salon.

He frequently creates moody cinematic psychedelic music with and without female vocals. Some have tribal percussion; some have a quasi-Gothic and Classical sound.

Also, Ken is working on some groovin' '60s psychedelic rock.

All of his music combines acoustic and electronic elements.

Ken is influenced by Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Henryk Gorecki, Jimi Hendrix, Wooden Shjips, O Yuki Conjugate, and much more.

Ken plays keyboards, guitar, and bass and runs Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios. Also, his photography has appeared in numerous magazines, various books, magazines, encyclopedias, websites, galleries, and news agencies (

Latest News

I am currently recording groovy psychedelic 1960s-influenced music at Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios!!

Ken Lee Biography

Ken Lee, the creative force behind Eleven Shadows, was born in Frankfurt, Germany, but moved to the U.S. early on. Ken is of Chinese ancestry, although it appears that he may have a little Mongolian blood as well! Ken has 10 years of classical training on piano. He also started recording experimental sounds on cassette, as well as creating recordings of radio stations that didn't actually exist (these often had commercials for non-existent products and concerts that weren't actually happening, strange playlists mixing rock, Bollywood and experimental songs, and slightly too many tests of the Emergency Broadcast System...) and then playing this for unsuspecting listeners.

Ken has played keyboards, guitar and Javanese gender in Hollywood-area bands such as Holy Sisters of the Gaga Dada, Twist of Fate, Pendu Femelle, and I Am Love (which included the engineer/producer of Henry Rollins and Filter as well as the singer from Danse Society), and Nectarphonic.

He also runs a recording studio, Blueberry Buddha Studio in Los Angeles, CA. Ken is also an occasional review contributor for EQ Magazine, a recording engineering trade publication, and has been interviewed extensively for his drum recording techniques in DRUM! Magazine).

Eleven Shadows is definitely not a "one-man band". Eleven Shadows is enhanced through the beautiful voices of acclaimed singers Esther Tessel and Judy Neubauer, the acoustic bass of Connie Deeter, the Tibetan bowls and bells of Richard Lanchester, the seductive percussion of Jim McGrath, and many other talented musicians.

Ken is also a professional travel photographer. His pictures of Nobel Peace Prize Winner Aung San Suu Kyi, Kashmir, Peru, Burma, India, China, Thailand, and elsewhere have appeared in many publications and web sites.

* Ken was one of three featured composers in the American Composers Forum's 14th Composer's Salon along with Morton Subotnick and Tom Heasley.

* Eleven Shadows Irian Jaya was nominated in the first round of voting by NARAS for a Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

* His music has been featured on BBC, Radio Moscow, NPR, Costa Rica Independent Radio Network, KCRW, KXLU, XM Radio, and many other radio stations.

* Ken's music and guitar playing have been featured in the television series Felicity, several MTV programs, and the films 21 and Echoes of Enlightenment.

* Eleven Shadows Sangsara has received numerous accolades in the press, including the honor of Music of the Year in the U.K's prestigious Future Music Magazine, and strong reviews in Spin, Alternative Press, and other publications.

* Created original soundtrack music with Lisa Kelly for The Whale Sharks of Bahia, a DVD by filmmaker Nigel Lizaranzu for the Museo de Naturaleza Y Cultura in Bahia de Los Angeles in Mexico.

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