My name is Blake Lankford. I play with a band called "The Coats" and I do acoustic shows. 50% covers and 50% originals. I enjoy late nights of music drinking and long walks on the beach. I'm a virgo. I've headlined at the Bricktown Brewery and I've opened for that shitty garage band that lives next door to you. Here's some of the stuff I hang on my refrigerator:

2006-Featured Band of the Week (The Locker Room TV Show, FOX 25)
2006-Homegrown Artist of the Week (98.9 KISS FM/Jack & Ron in the Morning)
2007-Best Indie Rock Single "Broken" (
2007-Best Indie Rock Single "Selfish" (

" interesting fresh sound, unlike much of what the main stream has heard."
--Elizabeth O'Brien (Tinderbox Music)

"...f*$&# amazing songwriting!"
--David Lowery (Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven)

For booking information:
phone: 918 625 6141


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Clean Clean

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