Black Cloud Productions is a unique publishing company that brings together a collaboration of many talented musicians, songwriters and producers to offer a diverse library of music for film, TV, advertising & software. With over 30 years of combined experience in the music industry, Pres. Zac Cataldo & VP Zac McIntyre are growing Black Cloud Productions into a quality source for music.

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Our song "Let You In" has been accepted by the Manager for Leona Lewis in consideration for her next album!

Tony Savarino

Tony Savarino (guitar) has played in every band in Boston. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to a mother who is a painter and a father who is a nuclear physicist. Tony's first gig was when he was 11 years old at 2am to a PACKED loft party in Boston, MA USA opening for the seminal performance art troupe Pink INk. Tony Savarino (guitar) has played in every band in Boston. No, really: Dale Bozzio, TM Stevens, Give, The Dents, The Rudds, Garvy J, The Montgomerys, Alto Reform School, and so many more that you'd think we were lying to you. Lest that happen, we will just say that The Noise voted Tony its Favorite Guitar Player in 2004 and 2005, and its probably because he moves so easily from rock to pop to funk to reggae to soul to country. But it might also be because he matches his guitars to his silk ties, the fashionable bastard. The "BOSTON GROUPIE NEWS" has called Tony Savarino ubiquitous. He is a guitar player's guitar player. Very versatile with the unique ability to put his personal stamp on everything he does. He has appeared in: Guitar World, Guitar Player For The Practicing Musician, The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix, The Noise and SoundCheck Currently he can be caught gigging around the New England area with a variety of different artists ranging in styles from metal, to country to jazz to folk to indie to soul....

Brent Godin

Brent Godin's exposure to music started at birth. His father would play records and cassettes everyday on his stereo system ranging from Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, to Frank Sinatra and Mannheim Steamroller. Though Brent's interest in music would not fully blossom until his teen years, all his early experiences with a wide variety of artists and styles of music would have a great impact on his musical sensibilities and his innate musical talent.

Brent's first venture into the world of music started when he was 9 years old and took up the alto saxophone in the middle school concert band. He would continue with that until the end of middle school, when he decided that saxophone was not the instrument for him. At age 13, Brent and some buddies from school decided to start a rock band. He asked his mother very nicely, and she bought him his first bass guitar (a Washburn XB -100, that he still owns and plays to this day). He went to his local book store, bought a couple "teach yourself" bass guitar manuals and learned how to play. During this time, Brent realised he had the ability to play songs by ear and tried to master every song he could. Though his band with his friends inevitably fizzled out,

Brent continued playing music on his on time, and would pick up the electric guitar at age 15 to further challenge himself musically (and to learn how to play awesome solos to show off). In 2003 Brent started another band with some other friends from high school. That band would become Taste of Chains, which still exists to this day and is making music and play shows ( In this time he would really hone his guitar playing skills, and would develop as a songwriter. He learned what structures work for songs, and he learned how to collaborate with other musicians. In 2005 when the band really started to get off the ground, Brent was exposed for the first time to the art of sound engineering. Taste of Chain's Bassist, (now Lead Vocalist/Bassist) Mike Lachance's dad did some engineering as a hobby and was willing to come down to the bands practice space to lay down some tracks that would become the bands first demo. This experience opened Brent's eyes to a whole new world of music. It wasn't long after that Brent decided to pursue this as his future career.

Brent studied at New England Tech for Video/Radio Production where he first started developing his skills as an engineer. He also did some experimental recording on his own time with Taste of Chains band mate Dan Newman. Through trial and error he learned what work in recording and what didn't (in some cases the lessons were learned more painfully than others). In 2009 Brent purchased his own recording equipment and a laptop installed with Cubase Studio 5 and began his own mobile recording studio called Last Post Records.

He would record and produce all his bands releases, and has also worked with such bands as Words to Live By, Suicide Marys, Evil Autumn, Mark the Way, and Hammer n' Harmony. In late 2010, Brent started working on a degree from the Audio Institute of America to further expand his knowledge of the recording arts. Brent is now a Producer/Talent Scout for BCP, where he continues to develop as a producer and is expanding into new territories of the music industry.

Victoria Smith

Growing up, she'd use a tennis racket for a guitar and a jump rope for a microphone, singing and dancing like there was no tomorrow for her collection of Barbie dolls (a captive audience if ever there was one).

She also used to write poetry by the frog pond in her back yard, but that's a story for another day.

She's a prolific songwriter and an incredibly passionate vocalist, a self-proclaimed "rock chick" with a warm, hungry heart. She's as bold as she is sensitive, as rugged as she is tender. She's Victoria Smith, a smart, sassy musician who makes it no secret that she plans to take the music world by storm.

"I'm actually quite introverted and introspective, so putting my thoughts down on paper and singing has always been this big, awesome cathartic release for me" says Victoria.

The truth is, her song lyrics betray a mature, sophisticated artist who doesn't appear shy at all about sharing her deep, innermost thoughts with her rapt listening audience.

"When I write a song, I usually draw from my own personal experiences, but it's not unusual for me to be inspired by something someone said that's really beautiful and has the potential to take on a life of its own. Sometimes it's just one random word that prompts a cool, new song idea," says Victoria.

Her background as a dancer - jazz, tap and ballet - comes in handy, too, helping her to marry particular sounds and rhythms to just the right emotions, and vice versa. Dancing is also great breathing exercise and, as she says, "reminds me to feel the music with my body," which is why Victoria still enjoys attending ballet class from time to time.

As for her chops on the guitar, as luck would have it, her stepfather owned a classic Gibson Hummingbird, but hardly ever used it. So as a freshman in college, she finally asked to borrow this fine instrument, which she had admired from a distance for years. And the rest, as they say, is history.

"I was in love - not with a boy, but this beautiful guitar. My dorm building was really old with incredible acoustics, and my favorite spot to play was in the stairwell between the 2nd and 3rd floors," adds Victoria.

Going down memory lane, all the way back to 1989 or so, Victoria claims that Shawn Colvin changed her life.

"My parents owned her album, Steady On, and I was addicted to it, I mean, totally obsessed with it, even though I was just a kid. I adored her lyrics. I was probably too young to understand the meaning of her songs, but I interpreted them in my own way. Those lyrics, that drum beat, those weeping guitars... it was all so intense," says Victoria.

After graduating from college, this ambitious and adventurous young soul moved around the east coast for a while before finally settling down in Massachusetts and realizing, after a short stint away from music, "there was this huge hole in my life that I never want to fall into again."

So she began composing in earnest, entering what she calls the "closet musician" stage of her life. But something from within was pushing her, calling her name, begging her to unleash her musical prowess on the world.

Fast forward to the future and today, Victoria just wants to hone and honor her innate musical talent.

"I want to make such a strong connection with my audience that they can actually feel in their bones every song that I sing. And what they might feel could be anything - happiness, sadness, love, pain, you name it," says Victoria.

"Wherever you are, wherever you're going, please take me along for the ride," implores Victoria to anyone within earshot. "And I'll take you with me."

For more information about Victoria, you can check out her website at

Highway Jackson

Highway Jackson is alternative/classic rock band that was formed in Portland, Maine in 2004. Fronted by songwriter Kris Rodgers the band has recently signed their successful radio single "Hold it Down" to BCP.

Brendan Asquith

Brendan Asquith is a Folk-Rock Singer/Songwriter based out of Lowell, MA who is currently defining his musical career with the release of his new album, "Cold Steel & Cashmere".

Asquith started his musical pursuits when he picked up the guitar late in high school. A few years passed and after learning the songs of other musicians, he began writing his own. In 2006, Asquith began playing open mics at such places as Granny's Burritos (Portland, ME), Bull Feeney's (Portland, ME), The Grog (Newburyport, MA), The Cantab (Cambridge, MA), The Burren (Somerville, MA), and The Lizard Lounge (Cambridge, MA). These experiences shaped Brendan as a live performing artist, and honed his skills on the acoustic guitar.

With musical influences ranging from Dan Blakeslee, Ray Lamontagne, and Damien Rice, to lyrical/writing influences including Maynard James Keenan, The Counting Crows, David Gray, and even Asquith's own mother, a 30+ year English teacher, Brendan's music is a beautiful collage of these varied inspirations, all pulled together into one refreshingly unique package.

Powered by bold and dramatic vocals, stirring guitar melodies, and vividly acute lyrics, Brendan's is music supremely original, all the while being easily accessible due to the pure yet powerful emotions that drive all his songs.

Asquith released his first album "Gracie's Last Night" in 2009. The stripped down album included 13 original acoustic folk songs that are beautifully bare, with only raw acoustic guitar, and driven vocals.

Brendan's newest release, "Cold Steel and Cashmere" continues down the path of Folk/Americana while expanding into new, uncharted territories for Asquith. This new album takes on a more fleshed out approach, bringing in new instruments include the upright bass, cello, piano, electric guitar, and fiddle among others, creating unique landscapes for each song on the album that are flawlessly connected by Brendan's impeccable vocal delivery. Each track has a unique story that is complimented by the arrangement of instruments, from the full band approach of a song like "The Ride", to the more stripped down singer/songwriter method used in "Isabel".

Some of Asquith's show credits include:

-Airplay on the River 92.5 Homegrown Showcase

-Live shows on Almost Acoustic 91.5 FM out of Lowell

-Boston Billiards, Nashua

-Sangria's, Lowell

-Garcia Brogan's, Lowell

-Brew'd Awakening, Lowell

-The Lobstershack, Ogunquit, ME

-Mickey's, Lowell

-Feile, Wells, ME

Jonathan vanAtom

Electronica songwriter and producer Jonathan vanAtom joined Black Cloud Productions in June 2010 and brings a host of great tracks to the roster.

Jonathan vanAtom began writing music when he was thirteen after discovering the independent electronica scene online. Shortly after, he produced his first album under the name, Baby Blue. When he was fifteen, he moved to Melbourne, Australia where he was heavily influenced by the mainstream dance music scene and began to do solo work. The next three years were a time of musical growth as Jonathan became more acquainted with the modern technology and software that make today's music possible. He released his first solo album in 2003, "Hardclass of 2003" just before moving back to the US. After this, he spent most of his time entering indie remix contests and focusing on his online presence through other platforms.

In 2005, Jonathan won the Aruna Remix Contest hosted by Sony's ACIDplanet website. The events that followed helped to strengthen and solidify Jonathan's musical direction and goals. The winning remix of "Break You Open" also helped start Aruna's career as a singer/songwriter for dance music. She has since worked with top trance acts like ATB, George Acosta, The Thrillseekers, Mike Shiver, Myon & Shane 54 and Cosmic Gate. His remix of "Break You Open" also appeared in a Sonic: The Hedgehog fanimation on deviantART called "Sonic Epilogue." This, unexpectedly, increased Jonathan's popularity in Anime community around the world.

In 2006, Jonathan started taking music classes at community college and in 2008, he began attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. Here, Jonathan gained a huge amount of musical and technical knowledge in a very short period of time. In 2010, he began working with producer and recording artist, BT on the next generation of electronic music.

Jeannine Hebb

"Jeannine Hebb's debut EP, Too Late To Change Me, is a musical revelation for those tired of the usual tricks of the Pop trade...Jeanine Hebb's voice is quite possibly one of the most striking in popular music, able to belt with the best of them one moment and break your heart with a soft passage the next. Too Late To Change Me is one of the finest debuts I've had the opportunity to review. Make sure you acquire Too Late To Change Me, and make every effort to see Jeannine Hebb if she plays in your neck of the woods. The time will come when you won't get anywhere near a show without paying Live Nation prices." - Wildy's ..........

"A rare few times each year, we discover a female artist whose music completely blows us away. This happened when our friends at Ariel Publicity introduced us to Jeannine Hebb via her debut EP Too Late To Change Me.... by Jeannine Hebb remains a stunning example of the singer songwriter's vast talent. Join us impatiently in the wait for her next release" - Musical

Sarah Blacker

Sarah Blacker will treat you like an old friend before a show and stop you dead in your tracks once she starts to sing. Her songs are mature with sharp, eloquent lyrics that are easy to relate to and a seemingly endless ability to capture audiences of all kinds with her unique and aesthetic sound. Though just the size of a woodland fairy, (as her logo illustrates) her instrumental skills on the guitar, mandolin, piano and djembe (and a current student of the ukulele) are enough to make any fellow male peers weak in the knees, (and equally as impressed) with a sound much bigger than her size.

Recent winner of the Radio 92.9/ Boch Subaru contest as judged by thousands of listeners, and finally Ernie Boch Jr. himself, Sarah Blacker is the current voice and face of the New England Subaru, "Ooh, ooh it's love," TV and radio ad campaign. Bob McKillop head of states, "Sarah Blacker's voice is sweet, clear, sharp, and precise, supple, happy, and full of mischief. She sounds like a street-savy urban vocal busker with world-class voice training." SevenDays VT says, "Sarah Blacker is an old soul in a modern woman's body. " She has also been named, "the perfect blend of Ella Fitzgerald and Joni Mitchell," and a 'River Rising Star' by Boston's Independent Radio, 92.5 the River. Candy O'Terry of Magic 106.7 calls her "an artist our listeners should know about," while many local and national DJs (Cat Wilson of WCIB Hyannis, Carmelita of WAAF Boston, and Brad Savage of WCNR Charlottesville, VA to name just three) have also taken a shining to Blacker and regularly promote her record and her busy touring schedule. Barbara Dacey of WMVY, Martha's Vineyard also chose her newest record's single, 'I Should Speak' as number 2 on the station's 'Best of Unchartered Waters' charts.

Blacker is also a prolific songwriter with more than 400 songs to her credit. Her debut release, 'The Only Way Out is Through,' released October, 2009, co-produced by Rob Loyot [Girls Guns and Glory, Entrain] and Sean McLaughlin of 37' Productions [Metallica, Vary Lumar, Lannen Fall] presented 11 of these songs in a breathtaking, captivating way. This record, Blacker's quirky songwriting and extremely unique vocals, have made it easy for Sarah Blacker to perk the ears of radio DJs nationally, who have been eager to add her release to their playlists, and invite her to perform live in their studios. (She has since visited WMJX, WCIB, WMVY, WAAF, WNCW, WMPG, WNCR to name just a few)

Sarah Blacker is a full-time Music Therapist turned full-time touring singers/songwriter. She has been scanning the coast-line, performing (both solo and with her band All Kinds of Sugar consisting of Chuck Fisher on lead guitar, Sean McLaughlin on bass, and various other special guests) from Burlington, VT all the way down to Macon, GA and to Texas for SXSW in March, 2010. When in town, she does run private and group music Therapy sessions out of her private studio in Dedham, MA, as well as in different school settings specializing in working with children with Autism and Cerebral Palsy. She was presented by an award for fundraising efforts and commitment to helping individuals with Autism, by AFAM [Advocates for Autism of Massachusetts] and has even facilitated Music Therapy groups at Doug Flutie sponsored events. Most recently, she has become an Embassador for local auto-giant and music supporter, Ernie Boch Jr.'s company, Music Drives Us.

Zac Mac Band

Zac McIntyre is a singer/songwriter who is quickly establishing himself in the music industry. Originally from Maine, Zac moved to the Boston area in 2007 and formed the Zac Mac Band, which has performed to sold out shows throughout the northeast, including Johnny D's, The Middle East and the Hard Rock Cafe. ZMB released their debut album "Don't Look Down" in October 2009 and is currently hard at work on their 2nd album.

A songwriter since the age of 10, Zac writes in all genres and has written over 500 songs. In 2008, he was a finalist in the Great American Songwriting contest with his song "Laughing at Myself." His song "Darcie", a song from ZMB's debut album, also appeared on the Walk the Line compilation CD released by Urban Angel in February 2009, a record label in the UK and Ireland. Zac has a thirst for writing and performing music and should have a long career ahead of him.

Logan Piercey

Passionate and fearless are words that could have been created to describe Logan, a 15-year-old singer, songwriter and musician from Massachusetts.

Growing up listening to U2, The Beatles and Green Day, Logan says he has loved to sing for as long as he can remember. But it wasn't until the end of 6th grade, when his parents bought him a bass guitar to "give him something to do over the summer," that he started to listen to music more closely, to hear what was actually happening in each composition, and to start to think of music more as an art than a thing you turn on when you're in the car.

By the age of 13, Logan was writing songs; by 14 he was ripping up the guitar, playing keyboards, and fronting the band Errata. Like so many artists before him, Logan's lyrics come from a place deep inside. His poignant songwriting navigates life as a teenager and questions what it all means, while the alternating hard and melodic moods of his compositions reveal the honest emotions behind the personal stories shared through his songs.

Logan's sound meshes indie, pop, and rock inspired by his many musical influences. The artistry of The Killers, U2, The Boxer Rebellion, Arcade Fire, and Weezer are some of Logan's steady muses for their great melodies and unique sounds.

Erik Barnes

Erik Barnes is a veteran songwriter and extraordinary guitar player who has is currently in the popular Boston band Booty Vortex which has played throughout New England at venues like the Hard Rock Cafe and House of Blues and has shared the stage with headlining artists such as Joan Jett. He got his first guitar in high school shortly after seeing Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, and Pat Metheny concerts. Erik played with several original rock bands including "Groove This". Erik's original compositions draw from rock, jazz, and r&b influences. He also enjoys building, modifying, and repairing guitar amplifiers. His latest song "One Together" is a Jazz instrumental that showcases his incredible guitar & composition skills.

Scott & Russell

Scott Card and Russell Kniffin have a unique connection, having been friends for the past decade. Both having grown up as young musicians from Groton, Massachusetts, both with vast musical backgrounds and taste. But their adaptive and creative abilities have led them to create a simple, expressive and comprehensive sound that captures the essence of the guitar as an instrument that has not quite been heard in today's music.

Kniffin grew up on a wide mix of acoustic blues and rock and roll, and soon he was playing hours of "folky" finger-picking acoustic guitar. But in his more mature years he developed an ear for the intensely emotional and involved melodies of metal music, from which he produced a playing style and sound like no other. He began to compose and spent all of his time on the instrument creating unique compositions for the acoustic guitar. Currently, he continues to explore the emotions and complexities of music at Ithaca College as a classical guitar performance major under the instruction of Dr. Pablo Cohen.

Card was also a rock and roller in his young years as well, following the meaty rock of the Seventies and the speedy licks of Steve Vai and contemporary rock. He played the electric guitar and developed an affinity to expressive improvisation and melody writing. In combination with the rock and blues influences in his musical career, along with new influences of jazz, Card created visceral, powerful, and emotional melodies and improvised lines. Card is currently expanding his musical even further at Ithaca College, where he is a Jazz Studies major, and also studies classical guitar under Dr. Pablo Cohen.

In 2009, they came together to record their debut instrumental album, At a Loss for Words, featuring only two guitars in each piece. With Producer Berklee College of Music alumnus and accomplished guitarist Chris McDermott captured the complete and unadulterated sound of the guitar while featuring compositions from a wide array of influences and playing styles.

Scott Card and Russell Kniffin have showcased their music at numerous local events all over New England, and have received warm reception to their compositions.

In addition to their talents as guitarists and songwriters, Scott & Russell are gifted young film composers. Their talent is evident from the movie samples "Lovefield" & "Wrong Side of the Bed".

Zac Cataldo

Zac Cataldo was raised on The Beatles and Barry Manilow although he has forgiven his parents for the latter. At fourteen he formed Straight Edge, a ten-piece Boston rock band (that's 4 girl backup singers and a cello) and played local clubs like the Rat and the Channel (gone but not forgotten). As the Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, Zac figured out how to keep beer bottle throwing to a minimum. As the band's Babysitter/Manager he learned the ins and outs of the local music scene, and could be seen pawning tickets in Kenmore Square to a show (back then you paid to play). To put himself through college, Zac worked as a mobile and radio DJ, in the days when you needed a van to lug around your "record collection".

Truthfully, Zac started playing in a band when he was thirteen that recorded in his Math teacher's 8-track basement studio. Although he'd like to forget about most of the music, it was this eye-opening experience that sparked his interest to become a sound engineer. At 15, Zac began interning at Boston's 24 track studios like Newbury Sound and Pyramid, working with producers like Drew Townson and WBCN's Lisa Traxler. Zac was highly sought after and worked with 80's bands like The Next, Bang, and Anastasia Screamed because he would gladly run off to the corner store for coffee and guitar strings (or dirty magazines for a certain bassist who will go nameless).

In the early 90's, Zac relocated to L.A. (why - he still can't tell you) and returned with memories of egocentric music executives, corporate power lunches, and earthquakes. Upon his return in the mid 90's, Zac started Night Train Studios, a digital recording studio, when digital was still a bad word. Today, Night Train Studios is a busy place where musicians from heavy metal act Silencio to jazz diva Barbara Dolan go to record with Zac at the helm.

Zac's credits include: the voice and music behind Disney's High School Musical and The Suite Life of Zack & Cody book series. The music & voice of the audio books Who Were The Beatles, Who Was William Shakespeare, Who Was Claude Monet. The music for "The Zack Files" by Dan Greenberg audio book series. The music for the Newbery Award winning book "The Midwife's Apprentice" by Karen Cushman. The music for the book "Baby" by Patricia MacLachlan. The music for the Scholastic book series "Rainbow Magic" by Daisy Meadows. The music & voice for the audio book "Stone Fox" by John Reynolds Gardiner.

Zac has Produced the Barbara Dolan Group, Baza, Have At It, Marmalading, Jason Fickel, Francesca Reggio & Blue Shift, Paul V, Stilburnin', Slap That Cat, The Lascivious Trio, Asley Jordan, Wastleand Within, Fever, Workin' Stiffs, The Pass, Montgomery Clift, Insigniya, The Cranks, Ramble On, Patrick McKenna, Ben Cesare, Shaun Merrill, Deep C, Scott Dockendorff, Booty Vortex, Sunshine Riot, The Heat Moon, Acoustic Curve, Meet The Day, Too Many Drivers, Steve LaBonte, Victoria Dehesa, Mirichle, Katie Sullivan, RTP Racer, The Dij, Sidpa Bardo, Chiemi, Phylo Ray, Dread Rocks, Leslie Hitelman, Depths of Underground, P.J. Shapiro, Lisa Locke, Gardy Gonzalez, The Zac Mac Band, Sounder, Offensive Jill, Interfere, Aontaigh, 3rd Man Factor, Logan Piercey, Errata, Good Night Sheffield, Run 4 Cover, Levity, Red Box Panic, Jason Baron, Jeff Wolfsberg, Paul Hamilton & Operation Guillotine, just to name a few.

Jason Baron

Jason Baron is an experienced singer/songwriter & pianist whose latest song "You Bring Calm" has just been signed to Black Cloud Productions. Sung by Berklee graduate Lindsey Grey, "You Bring Calm" is a beautiful and captivating pop masterpiece. Jason Baron began playing piano at an early age and became intrigued with composition shortly thereafter. He studied piano under the direction of accomplished classical composer Mario Lombardo. Jason grew up on Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, and Bruce Springstein, and now enjoys Daughtry, Maroon 5, and Katy Perry. Jason has a passion for creating great songs and is intrigued by the emotional journey that is music.

Barbara Dolan to find her own voice.

..... and to express her art in ways that reach others in an intimate and personal way. In the jazz and blues scene, this is particularly important. Barbara Dolan has a strong voice and a unique message. Both have been developed in her unique way. She lives her life with enthusiaum and zeal; deriving meaning from every experience. A dedication to family, a strong work ethic and a passion for music are the ingriedents in her path. It all comes through in her performances, that regardless of audience size are rewarded with standing ovations.
Barbara's dream to sing started in local theater groups such as the Worcester County Light Opera. She quickly outgrew amature venues and moved to working with seasoned professionals to further develop her talent. As her talents matured she earned guest vocalist spots in such spots as John Stone's Inn, (now Stone's Public House), in Ashland, MA, The Colonial Inn, in Concord, MA, Chloe's, in Hudson, MA, The Rat Pack Cafe and The Cosmopolitan, in Framingham, MA, Bullfinches, in Sudbury,MA,the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA, the Cottonwood Cafe, in Boston, MA, and the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge among others. Recently Barbara has been a headliner at the prestigious Acton Jazz Cafe in Acton, MA.

Along the way Barbara earned raves and loyal fans ineach new audience by radiating energy on and off stage that could be felt by anyone around. Doug Hammer of Dreamworld Productions was instrumental in helping her hone a style that is both aggressive and smooth. Ric Maure who is now her musical director enhanceed and enriched her musical style which some of her fans now call Barbara's Jazz Therapy.

Barbara was guest vocalist for Patrica Adams at Ryles Jazz Club. In her first outing in Boston she brought dozens of existing fans, and won new ones with her unique quality and high standards.

Anyone that hears Barbara Dolan for the first time will concur that she chose the right path to find her voice and use it to speak clearly, convincingly, and personally.

Biography by Lidia Shear


A-Roy is an upcoming alternative hip hop artist and producer. With 10 years using pro tools and being an experienced project manager in manufacturing, A-Roy is an all around professional on top of his songwriting & artist abilities. While his stylistic influences are clear from Mike Shinoda to Bubba Sparx, Eminem to Everlast - A-Roy has his own voice and a energy. As an artist, A-Roy is working with hit makers Stephen Singer and Axel Konrad on alternative hip hop and pop records. Contact him at for collaboration as a producer, songwriter or artist.

Black Cloud Productions

BCP is a unique collaboration of songwriters and musicians working together to expose their library of music to opportunities worldwide. Please check out for more info.

Alison J.

Soulful vocalist, pianist and prolific songwriter, Alison J. (Jolicoeur) infuses atmoshperic contemporary pop with unique and dynamic vocals and hints of sultry R&B - creating and intense and honest musical experience. Alison has the innate ability to compose heartfelt songs that touch people with their universal themes of human experience.

Alison grew up outside Boston in a home always filled with music. She began taking piano lessons at the age of 7 and soon after was creating her own songs. A natural singer, her training includes classical as well as jazz piano and composition.

At the age of 13, Alison recorded her first demo and became a regular favorite on open mic night at local venues including the renowned Old Vienna Kaffeehaus. She focused on writing and continued to perform throughout her teens, spending a year at SUNY Purchase as a studio composition major. She continues to perform at venues throughout New York City. Alison has recorded three CDs each of which are a testimony to her ever evolving sound and talent. She reaches the hearts of many with her passionate voice and touching songs.

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