60's-90's Rock & Roll Cover Band. We choose songs that represent of the best of each of these decades and "cover" not "copy" them. While our versions of these classics are true to the heart and soul of the original, we make them our own.

We are an energetic and hard driving band. Check us out, you will NOT be disappointed!!
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Blackbird Seat (as pictured):
Ryan Heffner - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Lundgren - Vocals
Ted Gennerman - Drums
Chuck Fabian - Bass/Vocals

Blackbird Seat Bio

Blackbird Seat

Blackbird Seat was formed in January of 2005 of 4 individuals who share a life long love of music and performing. Ryan Heffner (guitar/vocals) and Ted Gennerman (drums) have been playing together in a variety of bands since 1985. In January of 2004, Chuck Fabian (bass/vocals) joined forces with Ted and Ryan to form the original Blackbird Seat. Searching for the ideal vocalist proved to be a difficult and time-consuming task. We interviewed and auditioned 10 vocalists before deciding on Ryan Lundgren in July of 2005. After hearing the first song during Ryan’s audition, it was clear that we had found our 4th.

In terms of song selection, we choose music that represents the best Rock of the 60’s – 90’s. Our philosophy is to “cover” rather than “copy” the original which often means adding additional punch to create a beefier and more contemporary sound. Despite some liberties taken however, we remain true to the heart and soul of the original recording.

While all members of Blackbird Seat hold full time employment outside of the band, our dedication the sound and show is paramount. During the formation Blackbird Seat, we took time to talk about who and what we would be as a band. As a result of these discussions, we agreed that while we have no intention or delusion of being “rock stars”, we would put 100% into every show and every song that we played. Further, we established a level of trust which allows us to be highly critical of each other so as to guarantee the very best from all members. Finally, we agreed that we are not doing the audience a favor by playing but rather, their coming to see us play is a privilege for us. As a result of this particular pledge to one another, during set breaks you will often find us mingling with the audience expressing our appreciation.

Outside of playing in the band, the four of us are friends and genuinely enjoy hanging out together. We have been told that during our performances, we look like we are having a great time which is absolutely true. While we have seen many bands who display excellent musicianship, they are often dull to watch and interact very little with one another as well as the crowd. In contrast to these bands, when you see Blackbird Seat play, you will witness a group who not only take the music very seriously, but who also love to joke and interact with each other on stage as well as the audience.

Check us out, you will NOT be disappointed!

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