My name is Kelley Rae Birdeau. My music draws from a well of reflection of thoughts and memories. I have always been drawn into the wonderful world of self-discovery. There seems to be no equivalent of a mountain peek that can match the climb or the boundless adventure of what this undertaking really is. To me, songs almost seem to take on a consciousness of their own. The words are the breath that truly can give the body of the music its life. I think that’s why I have found that music has a secret passage for life’s mirror.

My music varies from neo-classical with a new age vibe to a tribal Native American piece "New Dawn". The unique music for "Stay With Me" features a beautiful harmony of piano and cello with a flute and clarinet dancing in and out of the melody. Solid musicianship supports the melodies with hypnotic vocals and lyrics, while instrumentals in the background conjure up mental dreamscapes.

The tone, instrumentation, vocals and key together provide the frequencies and harmonies that often times will gently pass through, or for a moment anesthetize, the fears, stress, personality and concerns of the person to help bridge the listener into a wonderful reflective, calming state. The minor keys tend to have a pull toward this emotional state, and so all of the songs were written in minor keys with the exception of one in D Dorian (New Dawn).

My music has a focus of well-being with mindful melodies of hope, strength, and love. Vocals and instrumentals give a balance of interest with a common thread that echoes of relaxation, peace and comfort--enjoy.

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Clean Clean

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