Bill Farkas began his professional music career as a songwriter at age 14. Dramatic events would influence his writing. At Kent State, a friend left for class and never returned. A cousin left for Vietnam and never came home.

Farkas wrote about social injustice until he thought people stopped listening in the 80's. Farkas observes, "Based on what I see today, people are ready to listen again."

By 2001, Farkas had enough of Corporate America. He moved to CA and back to his true passion: songwriting. “Self-Help for a Sick Society” is an edgy collection of powerful messages and driving rhythms. Produced by Dito Godwin (Platinum producer for No Doubt /Kiss). War, white collar crime, drugs, and pedofiles are elequently attacked.

Farkas has migrated from the hard-edge to more of a "troubadour" style but still has that powerful Morrison-esque voice. His high-energy show is riveting. He spends time helping new songwriters' exposure by hosting NSAI's monthly Songwriter Showcase.
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